April 13, 2015

Road Trip Bingo

Printable Road Trip Bingo for Kids

This post is part of a collaboration with Sprout by HP (you'd think after close to a decade of blogging, I'd have learned to spell "collaboration" right the first time. You'd be wrong). 

When we drove across the country in December to get back to North Carolina, our children watched such a ridiculous amount of Doc McStuffins, you would hardly believe it.

Happily, we don't have any cross-country road trips coming up, but we will be driving to the Outer Banks for Beach Week next month and then, after graduation, my sister Merrick is coming out with her family and we're doing a week-long trip through Charleston and Savannah.

So there will definitely be some car time for us coming up.

In an effort to not rot my children's brains completely away, I made these little road trip bingo boards for them to play with while we're in the car.

The Sprout is perfect for projects like this because it's so easy to grab photos from the Internet and then drag and drop them into the grid.

Printable Road Trip Bingo for Kids

Then I rearranged them three times so I had four different cards (I made a printable version if you want to use them too).

Printable Road Trip Bingo for Kids

My plan is to laminate them and get some dry-erase markers so we can use them multiple times, but you could just print off a set and chuck them when you're finished with them.

If you have other suggestions for car games for small children, I'm all ears!

using the sprout


  1. You win the Parent Prize for this one. When my husband took the older two boys (ages 5 and 2.5) on a five-hour drive to the Adirondack Mountains in February, their main entertainment was opening the car windows (which only open a few inches in the back, thankfully) with the controls and shrieking about the cold. Then rolling them up and doing it again.

    They would probably have been happier with cartoons, but we don't have any devices in the car--because we perpetually live in the 90s--so the windows it is.

    When I was little and we moved every three years (military family) with cross-country drives every time, we had these little pillow things that were pillows on one side and a flat board on the other side for drawing or whatever. Those were great. We also played a lot of travel-sized games like Battleship and checkers, although that wouldn't work for really little kids.

  2. I heard at a church event a mother gave her children lifesavers and the game was who could reduce it to the smallest unbroken ring. Winner gets another lifesaver. She said it bought her some much needed quiet time.

  3. This is awesome! We're going to be going a on a few trips this summer (Savannah included!) and this will be awesome for Kyle! Do you guys know where you'll be staying in Savannah? We'd love a recommendation!

  4. http://www.foxmind.com/jeux/1561-last-mouse-lost (can get on amazon!)
    Last Mouse Lost is a fabulous game for the car! For all ages! We found it in a little game store on our last big road trip. It is a rubber disk with little bubbles that have mouse faces on it. You take turns pushing down the bubbles and the last one loses. Then you just flip it over and can start again! This has been known to occupy my 3 year old for almost an hour just pushing the little bubbles by himself. =) Have fun!!!

  5. A surprise hit of our last trip was pipe cleaners! If you are worried about the wires, wiki stix are a similar alternative...

  6. What a great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing the printables.

  7. That's a really good idea. I'm in board with you as far as TV and brain rot. I'd prefer if there was none. These are great ideas for travel it just for fun!

  8. Whoa, is that a high tech computer? What is that mat down where the keyboard should be? The road trip bingo is a great idea!

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