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April 17, 2015

House Tour: Nursery

Simple bright nursery

I really like a simple nursery.

This room, tucked at the very back of the house, stays nice and clean (Ella's room next door . . . not so much) and going in there is so relaxing.

Also, when I made this mobile back a few weeks ago, I hung it from one of the shelves in my office so it'd be the right height for photographing (which is why you can't believe everything you see on a blog).

And then it stayed there. I kept thinking "I should really go hang that up" but I always thought that during nap time or when the girls were down for the night, so it didn't happen.

I finally got around to hanging it in the nursery this week, and I love how it looks. And on the rare occasions that I rock Star in there (since she still sleeps in our room and Ani sleeps in this room), she can't take her eyes off it.

I didn't photograph the tent that Ani usually sleeps in - she's now rotating between the tent and the crib depending on her mood and the position of Neptune.

P.S. A Summer Afternoon, the shop that sells that darling bus, is giving away a $75 shop credit. You can enter over on Instagram - we have one of their wooden Ferris Wheels and it's to-die-for cute.

Simple bright nursery

Simple bright nursery

Simple bright nursery

Simple bright nursery

Simple bright nursery

Simple bright nursery

Crib: Amazon (gift from my parents when Ella was born)
Blanket: made by my mom
Name Canvas: DIY
Dresser: c/o Home Decorators Collection
Mobile: DIY (tutorial here)
Wooden Bus: c/o A Summer Afternoon
Basket: Home Goods
Frames: Michael's
Pitcher: Sur La Table
Prints: from this book
Glider and Ottoman: Craigslist
Pillow: made by my mom

Simple bright nursery

April 16, 2015

Why I Don't Push Potty Training

Diaper Pail
You know what doesn't bother me at all?

Changing diapers.

I mean, I'm not LOOKING for more excuses to do it, but now that I have a potty-trained child, I recognize how much easier life is with diapers for a good long while.

(And any mom who has been in the far back corner of Target with a full cart and then is told by their 3-year-old that they need to go to the bathroom right. this. minute knows just what I'm talking about).

When I was pregnant with Ani, lots of people asked me if I was going to try to potty-train Ella before Ani was born so I wouldn't have two children in diapers.

But I was pretty sure the last thing on earth I wanted was a barely-trained child when I was.

Also, Ella just didn't seem quite ready to me, and I didn't want to push it.

When Ani was about four months old and settling into a regular nap routine which meant we didn't leave the house as much, and Ella, a few months shy of three, seemed ready to make the leap, we went for it and she was fully trained in a couple of days with only a single accident (and no temper-losing on my part).

Waiting a few extra months made all of our lives easier.

And now I'm in no hurry to ditch the diapers for Ani. Maybe this fall, when we've settled in to our new home and she's getting closer to three.

But in the meantime, I don't mind a bit having two children in diapers.

I am also feeling superbly grateful to have partnered with Munchkin and their Arm & Hammer diaper pail, since one downside of having a big house is that it's a total pain to take the diapers out to the outdoor garbage can multiple times a day.

Munchkin Diaper Pails

We've never owned a real diaper pail before (I'd used other peoples' when I was babysitting in the past and when they were opened, they smelled so terrible, I decided it was just better to make the walk outside frequently), but this one not only seals off after every diaper, but also sprinkles a little bit of baking soda in after every diaper to eliminate the smell.

Plus, I've been working really hard in this house to get things I actually love, rather than just whatever the cheapest thing available is.

Target Shower Curtain

When I bought a shower curtain for the girls' bathroom, instead of buying the white plastic one for $2 like I have every time before, I sprang for this one which cost a whopping $20 instead (yes, I really know how to spend - and yes it did seem ABSURDLY expensive to me).

Every time I go in this bathroom, it makes me happy to see it.

And I was equally happy to swap out my ugly $2 trash can for this sleek diaper pail.

Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail

Since I plan to have at least two and a half or three more years of diapering (and probably more if we have a fourth child), I anticipate many many many days of being delighted by how good-looking it is.

This post is in collaboration with Munchkin

Munchkin Diaper Pail

April 15, 2015

Bedside Table Snapshot

Eight great books to check out

Or more accurately "beside table, coffee table, kitchen table, purse snapshot" because my books are always scattered all over the house.

But I think books are lovely decorations so it doesn't bother me. Except when I'm already in bed and then realize the book I want most in the entire universe is downstairs.

Aside from trillions of picture books, here are the more-than-40-page-books I'm in the middle of right now:

168 Hours: You Have More time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam
After I read All the Money in the World earlier this year, I checked this one out to re-read it. I loved it last time and I'm loving it this time - it's just such a fascinating topic and I love Laura Vanderkam's writing.

In Honor by Jessi Kirby
This YA roadtrip book is actually on a bit of a hiatus right now because the copy I checked out from the library was missing about 40 pages in the middle, so I'm waiting for a new copy to arrive. But obviously I was enjoying it enough that I didn't just give up when I found out I had a defective copy.

The 10 PM Question by Kate De Goldi
This one was recommended to me by Striking Keys and I'm almost half-way through, but I've kind of stalled out on it and haven't made any progress on it in weeks. It's maybe just a little bit too much on the quirky side for me.

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall
This is a YA romance told from 14 different points of view (one of them is the squirrel on campus!) and I'm finding the audio version quite delightful.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World by Gary Vaynerchuk
I debated whether to even put this one on the list because I've only read about two pages of it and then got side-tracked, but it's still sitting on my bedside table and I still kind of intend to read it and I get to make the rules around here, so it's going on the list.

A Cricket in Time Square by George Selden
I'm reading this one aloud to Ella - I've never actually read this one! We only started it this week, so we we're only a few chapters in, but it's very sweet. Also, I have never not loved Garth Williams' illustrations.

My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story, with Recipes by Luisa Weiss
You show me a book about food, and I'll show you a book I want to read. I requested a half dozen or so cookbooks from the library last week, but this is the only one that's really more of a book than a cookbook.

More than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting by Serena B. Miller and Paul Stutzman
Tina recommended this book to me and since I can never resist a parenting-in-other-cultures book, I snatched it right up from my library. It's totally fascinating and so sweet.

Anyone reading anything great? I'm picking up a bunch of holds at the library this week, so I have plenty of extra spots itching to be filled immediately (if I haven't maxed out my holds at the library, I feel like I'm doing something wrong).


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