July 7, 2014

To the Beach and Back

I love the Fourth of July. 

And this was one of my favorites yet. The girls and I drove down to California on Wednesday afternoon to stay with Merrick's family. Bart drove in from Arizona, and the next afternoon, my parents arrived too. 

We did it all - two trips to the beach (where I got sunburned for the first time in probably five years, and cursed myself all weekend for it), a parade, an outdoor dinner, a walk through downtown and to the pier, and a late-night trip to the beach with sleepy children to watch fireworks over the ocean. 

I also took two naps and read a book and a half. 

It was, basically, a perfect weekend. 

(Except for the creepy opossum that kept slinking around Merrick's back patio in the evenings while we were visiting after all the children were in bed. I could have done without him). 

(An hour before dinner, my mom and I whipped up a set of these stars and had my dad hang them above the table. They are one of my favorite super-cheap, super-impressive decorations).

Ella was the only child brave enough to try out a sparkler. I think she liked it.


  1. I love these pictures! The only thing that comes close to time with siblings is time with cousins =)

  2. It looks like it was an awesome weekend!

  3. I tried a sparkler for the first time this July 4th. I'm 39. I'd say Ella is extra, extra brave!

  4. Beautiful photos! So festive! And so adorable that Ella was the only kid who would try a sparkler!

    Lauren | http://www.livelovelauren.com

  5. What an idyllic setting to celebrate the 4th! Ella is spunky to try the sparkler!


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