December 9, 2013

A Buffalo Plaid Scarf - An Easy Gift for under $5

You may or may not be aware that plaid is big right now (I know. You heard it here first).

I saw a buffalo plaid scarf on Pinterest and then when the same photo showed up in my mailbox on a Gap ad ("He did a Gap Ad" - fifty point if you can name that movie), I thought "how hard is a scarf to make?"

The answer?


If you can sew a decently straight line, you're golden.

Also, this is the world's cheapest gift.

I bought enough fabric to make two of these for $8 at Joann Fabric (with a 50% off coupon, because. . .don't buy things at Joann's without a coupon).

Although, I'll warn you, this is not one of the deals where you can just buy one for the half the price. Because you need 2 full yards of it (I guess you could cut one yard in half and then sew those halves together but then you have a seam and you have to match your plaids and. . . . just buy two yards and make two scarves. Give one to a friend. Save yourself the hassle).

(Also, weirdly, this scarf isn't even available from Gap).

You'll need:
Lay out your fabric on the floor and cut it in half lengthwise (so you'll have two pieces that are 72 inches long and about 20-30 inches wide, depending on the width of your fabric - mine was 45"). 

Sew two straight lines around the entire outer edge (this will keep it from fraying into a tiny handkerchief if you put it through the washing machine). 

Wear one, wrap up the other one with a ribbon and give it as a gift. Ta-da!


  1. Aw... You shouldn't have! :)

    Love this!

  2. I love it. Plaids have always been among my favorites, and this one looks great on you. Great idea.

  3. LOVE this. Such a perfect scarf (and gift). I might do this for my VTees now that I'm thinking about it...

  4. Ooooh, excellent gift idea ... I'm going to have to head down to JoAnn's!

  5. Sabrina? David/Greg Kinnear is the Gap ad person in question?

    Also, I have a black/white scarf like this that I love love LOVE. :)


  6. SABRINA!!! David did a Gap ad... swoon. Only my favorite remake evah. :)

  7. This is awesome! I will definitely have to give this a shot - I love scarves and am picky about my material/pattern, which means I get disappointed in store selections sometimes. Next time I am near the fabric store, I'm going to have to pop in and get some fabric!! These would make perfect gifts for all my girlfriends :)

  8. So cute! I wish I knew how to sew!!!

  9. I seriously just saw someone wearing a scarf just like this but black and white. I wanted it but never thought about making it. This is awesome! Thank you!

  10. Is this flannel shirting? Do you think it would work with flannel shirting? Joann's is on my list today!

  11. Just made my two. Took me 5 minutes, lol. I even used the same buffalo check as you. Thank you!!


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