I'm so glad you've stopped by!

Welcome! I'm Janssen - reader, cook, mama to three little girls, and children's librarian.

Everyday Reading is a family lifestyle blog focused on practical living for book-loving parents. Every weekday, I post about recommendations of books for adults and children, great recipesdaily style, and (very) simple DIY projects,

On an given day, you can find me cooking with my girls, reading stacks of books on the couch, or visiting our neighborhood park. Once the girls are tucked in bed, I'm either madly writing blog posts, watching shows on Netflix with my husband Bart, embarrassing myself at Zumba, or planning our next vacation.

After six years in Austin, TX, a year in Boston, and two years in North Carolina while my husband got an MBA at Duke University (plus a semester in London!), we've finally settled down in Phoenix, Arizona. After nearly a decade of moving, I'm enjoying the chance to explore a new city and state without the pressure of knowing we're leaving soon. And as long as a place doesn't have freezing winters, it's pretty much okay in my book.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment or send me an email (janssen.everyday@gmail.com), and I promise I'll try to respond.

P.S. If you'd like to use a photo from my blog, you are more than welcome to it; just please give credit and link back to Everyday Reading. Thanks for keeping the Internet such a nice place to visit. 


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