June 24, 2016

TELL ME WHAT TO READ: Summer 2016 Reading Picks

You guys don't make it easy on me! There were SO MANY great suggestions this week, I could hardly stand it.

So here's what I've picked for the next three months: a classic memoir I've been meaning to read for a decade, a new historical fiction novel, and a middle grade fantasy. I'd love it if you read along too!

Three great books to read this summer!
Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh // The Fifth Avenue Artists Society by Joy Callaway // Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier

P.S. I'd already read a few of the books that were recommended and have reviewed several of them if you're interested:


  1. Oh man! You are going to LOVE the Fifth Avenue Artists Society. I read it in approximately four days (and I'm a slow reader).

  2. Yay! I feel like I won the lottery or something! I'm so glad you chose Peter Nimble, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it!

  3. Gift from the Sea is one of my all-time favorites! You can't go wrong with that pick!

  4. I hadn't seen your review of the Graveyard Book before, so I was glad to read it. I'm curious if you've ever read Gaiman's Newbery Acceptance speech for it? If the book made you weep all on it's own, I guarantee you'll be stifling some sobs reading the speech. It's beautiful, and it makes the book even more beautiful than it is on it's own.
    It's been a few years since I read Peter Nimble, but I enjoyed it well enough. Not an all-time favorite or anything but definitely a fun read, and it's got some good twists to it. :)

  5. I read Gift from the Sea every year, and it's my favorite birthday gift to give to friends. I keep a stack in my closet. (When is your birthday?!)

    I'll add the other two to my list. By the by, have you read Wonder? I just finished it and it's swimming in my head. It's my new fave.

  6. I'm HONORED that you're going to read my story, The Fifth Avenue Artists Society! Can't wait to hear what you think! :) And thank you for your kind words, Brianna!

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  8. You picked my suggestion, "Gift From the Sea"! We just discussed it at book club on Thursday :) I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it! (my previous comment was with an old profile)

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    1. Apparently, i'm a little bit special. :) Sorry for the multiple comment attempts and deletions! Eek.

  11. The Girl From the Train by Irma Joubert is amazing if you need another suggestion later in the year!!


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