May 10, 2016

Raiding My Sister's Closet: Summer Wardrobe Workhorse

 Patterned chambray top for easy summer dressing

Last summer, when we spent the Fourth of July with Merrick, she had saved me a large stack of clothing from when she had weeded through her closet.

I didn't keep most of it (if Merrick didn't want to wear it, there was a good chance I probably shouldn't want to either), but I did snag a really great patterned chambray shirt. When I asked her why she was getting rid of it, she said, "I really like it, I just already have a couple of chambray shirts."

I already had a chambray shirt that I really liked too, but this one had a subtle floral pattern on it that made it a little more fun.

A few months later, I grabbed another patterned chambray shirt from J.Crew (via ThredUp, obviously) and I wear the two of them pretty much non-stop.

They're perfect for tossing on with a pair of shorts and sneakers for a look that's just a step above a t-shirt, but it's easy to add a pair of black or white (I just ordered this pair - crossing my fingers) or dark wash jeans for a slightly more polished look.

 Patterned chambray top for easy summer dressing

Or, if I'm going somewhere in the evening, I can swap out my shorts or jeans for a skirt and some nicer sandals and be ready to go again.

 Patterned chambray top for easy summer dressing

 Patterned chambray top for easy summer dressing

 Patterned chambray top for easy summer dressing

Dressed Down:
SHORTS (from these jeans; similar here and here) • TOP •  SNEAKERS  PURSE WATCH BRACELET • EARRINGS 

Dressed Up:

Drop by Merrick and Landen's blogs and check out their summer workhorses:


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  1. It's helpful for me to see that shirt paired two different ways--love both of those outfits! And if either you or Merrick passed on clothes to me, I'd probably be the opposite and hold on to every single thing.


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