February 16, 2016

Girl Talk: Episode 5

Pulling Frozen stickers off of Ani's bed
Bart: Wow, these are really sticky
Ani: That's why dem called "stickers."

After I've braided Ella's hair in two little braids, she looks in the mirror
Ella: I look like my name should be Elizabeth.

Looking at our neighbor's large outdoor Christmas nativity display
Ani: That's not really Jesus. That's just an ugly doll.

After an unfortunate incident sitting down on the banks of the pond
Ani: When Ella gets home, I need to tell her "Actually that wasn't mud! That was duck poop!"

Watching a video about the gorillas at the San Diego Zoo
Ani: Dad, when we go there, I need you to hold me because them have teeth.

Janssen: Hey you silly little baby.
Ani: She's not a silly baby!
Janssen: Oh, what is she?
Ani: She's a lunatic.

Bart: Ani, if you hit Ella again, I'm going to take away one of your Halloween candies.
Ella: Once kids have Halloween candy, parents can make them do basically anything they want.

Ani: What day is it?
Janssen: It's Wednesday
Ani: Okay, so I have to wear a shirt today.

Janssen: What did Ani need in the middle of the night?
Bart: Nothing.
Janssen: Just some love and comfort?
Ani: He told me to be quiet.

Struggling to buckle her carseat
Ani: Ugh, this is just too dang.
Bart: Too dang what?
Ani: It's just too DANG!

Previous hilarity from these little girls here, if you need a Tuesday laugh.


  1. Love these posts! The duck poop one is what having siblings is all about :)

  2. I'm glad to know we're not the only ones threatening Halloween candy in February ;)

  3. Haha. These are so cute! Kids crack me up.

  4. Hahaha this one is my favorite ever! It's just too DANG!

  5. These posts are always my favorite!

  6. Wow! Those two are hilarious! Sisters are the best! :-)

  7. I'm dying at the Halloween comment! I hope my kids are just as funny!

  8. Ha!! I love the "he told me to be quiet" one. Story of our life!

  9. These always crack me up. Your girls are the cutest, and also the smartest.


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