May 8, 2015

The End

Two years ago, as we got ready to move to Durham so Bart could do an MBA, I kept thinking, "It's not even two years. I can handle 22 months."

Now I can hardly think about it being over without wanting to burst into tears.

It's gone too fast.

We drove home from Beach Week on Wednesday night, my family is arriving today, and tomorrow Bart graduates.

Two years ago, I couldn't have imagined that I'd be this sad that it zipped by so quickly.

Today, I'm just so so sad that it's over.

No more Fuqua Fridays.

No more Friday lunches with Jessica (okay, we might squeeze in a few more before she leaves at the end of the month).

No more basketball games and distinguished speaker events.

No more flexible school schedules (when I mentioned off-handedly to Ella that Bart would work Monday through Friday, she looked aghast and said, "He only has TWO DAYS OFF a week?").

No more Fuqua Family outings.

If someone in your family wants to do a full-time MBA, you should totally do it.

Or, better yet, let us do it for you. Preferably at Fuqua.

(P.S. Thanks, Jess, for snapping this photo at the sand dunes in OBX)


  1. Congratulations to Bart on his graduation and to all of you for adapting so well to the many changes you have been through in the past two years. Much happiness for the future.

  2. I totally get this. As tough and long as med school was, I would do it over again just for the friendships we made. They have remained our closest friends still as we were all In The same boat together. Congrats to you both! Good luck for the future!

  3. Aww congratulations, you guys! Those two years sure went by fast...

  4. It's funny how when something we think is going to be a supreme sacrifice turns into a beloved blessing! Where are you guys moving to? I know you mentioned California, but what part?

    1. We've actually decided on Phoenix instead just in the last couple of weeks.

  5. That really went by SO fast. Congrats Bart!!

  6. Sad endings, happy beginnings. At least, I hope so.

    The adjustment for kids to a parent's traditional work schedule after a flexible one--which we did when my husband closed his solo law practice and took a job at a law firm--can be rough. The steady paycheck, however, is not rough.

    Good luck to everyone, and congratulations!

  7. Congratulations to Bart and the whole family!

  8. My husband has been looking into an MBA and has Duke on his list. This gives me hope.

  9. Every time we had to move I was so ready, I was over it and itching to move, pulling up my roots. But as the day approached I inevitably burst into tears and lost all of my wits.

  10. I can't believe it's really been two years already! That went by so fast! Seeing everyone's graduation pictures on instagram is making me incredibly sad! And then I remember that we moved from NC two months before everyone else, and I'm even more sad! You guys will have such a great adventure on the west coast!

  11. We have really loved our school years too! It went by way too quickly and I too, want to and sometimes do burst into tears when I think about leaving NYC in just 2 weeks!!

  12. Sob! I agree with everything.

  13. I can't believe the MBA is over? But then you also have 3 little ones now too so.......I am so not going to look in the mirror, who knows what may have happened to me! Haha


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