November 11, 2014

Raiding My Sister's Closet: Winter Coat Wishlist

The weather has turned cold here in the last week (you'd think it was November or something), and suddenly I'm thinking a lot about coats because I'm constantly freezing. 

I have several pretty good winter coats back at home, but since we were planning on spending the fall in Barcelona, I didn't pack them. Also, they take up a lot of room in a suitcase. . . .

I keep going back and forth between buying a coat for our last month here or just wearing a shirt, a sweater, a jacket and scarf every single time I leave the house. 

Either way, I've spent more time than is really necessary looking at coats this week. And noticing how UGLY so many coats out there are - apparently huge shapeless lump coats are in? Also, coats are tough when you're pregnant. 

Here are some of my favorites (the navy toggle one is my number one favorite): 

From left to right: ShopBop // Old Navy // Nordstrom // Old Navy // American Eagle

Hop on over and see what coats Merrick and Landen are loving (except, how much are they really needing coats in California and Texas?):



  1. Bet none of the coats you looked at are as ugly as the one I'm currently wearing at 8 months pregnant: My husband's coat. Talk about lumpy. Though maybe the buffalo plaid wool coat that was his grandfather's is stylish again?

    Or maybe I just look like a really fat, short old man. Hard to say.

  2. That blue toggle coat from Old Navy is perfection. It looks warm and stylish, which are two very important things.

  3. okay, i am obsessed with peplum and i need that peplum jacket! so cute! just found your blog and can't wait to read more :)

    xoxo, kiely

  4. I'm loving that puffer vest! Sadly I'm on this who "don't spend money kick"... Le sigh...

  5. I think if you still have another month left (and then you're headed back home to do winter there), a coat is a completely justified purchase. And agreed- love the Old Navy coat.

  6. I also have been spending way too much time coat shopping online, except my search criteria is usually something like "warmest winter coat ever made." I hate the winter here in the Midwest (we had multiple days last year with wind chills 50 below zero!!! Gah!!). I am determined to just buy the warmest coat possible and quit whining about it. But yeah, there are a lot of ugly coats out there, so it's hard.


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