November 25, 2014

All Ella

Janssen: [to Bart] I'm so glad we came to London in the fall semester instead of in January. That'd be such a long, cold slog.
Ella: What's a long, cold snog?

Out of nowhere
Ella: Aren't you so glad you aren't a bad guy?

On discovering that there were no audio copies of The Boxcar Children series available to listen to during quiet time
Ella: [tears]
Janssen: It's okay - I'll find you some other mysteries to listen to.
Ella: But it's the characters I love!

After discovering that Ani had unrolled half the roll of toilet paper while trying to tear off a square to remove her nail polish
Ella: That was NOT very clever.

When I told Ella that she asks a lot of questions
Ella: I am very bizarre, aren't I? Do you think I'll be a bizarre mom when I grow up? [pause] That was a ridiculous question.

At the airport while waiting for our flight back to London from Barcelona
Janssen: How's that chocolate doughnut?
Ella: Look at my face. Can you see the joy spreading over it?

Both girls are trying to snuggle me on my bed
Janssen: I'm feeling pretty claustrophobic over here.
Ella: Does that mean 'very loved'?

When Ella complains that she's hungry
Bart: Didn't you have breakfast?
Ella: Well, some, but I don't like to eat at dawn.

From the bottom seat of the stroller:
Ella: How do you spell "bears?"
Janssen: B-E-A-R-S.
Ella: Why did you say that so suspiciously?

P.S. More Ella hilarity here.


  1. Please tell Ella she made joy spread all over my face!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is hilarious and adorable!

  3. Does she still like watching diaper changes? She has so much personality!

    I miss your two little girls!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love these! (You know that already.)

    Just so you know, every time I go to change my son's diaper, we are going to change his "reeky reeky bum". Ha! :]

    (If responding, please email or comment a blog post of mine.)

  5. "I don't like to eat at dawn." I LOVE it!!

  6. I love your All Ella posts. She is the most entertaining 4 year old (she's still four, right?) that I know! Cracks me up every time, and I often read them to my husband.

  7. These might be my favorite posts of yours, I die laughing every time!

  8. The "I don't like to eat much at dawn" and "Can't you see the joy spreading over my face" are the BEST! What a crack up!

  9. "Look at my face." My favorite part. I'm going to need her and Charlie to sit down and have a conversation together. That would be awesome.

  10. Oh, these are so so funny! I just love these posts!

  11. I wish I could hear these snippets. I can only imagine her sweet baby but not baby voice. I really hope you're recording them somehow; I have little bits of my 2yr old son on an old cellphone. It's a treasure to rediscover them every now and then.

  12. As always, these are some of my favorite posts. What a character! I can't wait to get to know this girl better!

  13. I nominate her for the next U.S. presidency.


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