October 24, 2014

London Adventures: The London Eye

When I studied abroad in London back in 2006, I didn't visit the London Eye.

And I've regretted it ever since.

Almost the moment we decided to go to London instead of Barcelona, I told Bart that the London Eye was on my must-do list.

I also helped things along by showing it to Ella, who was immediately taken with the idea and has been asking for about two months when we were going.

We tried two weeks ago on a Monday morning, but right after we picked up our tickets, they shut it down for some reason (possibly due to the torrential rain).

On Monday, we headed out again, and this time the day was sunny and clear, and I kept telling Bart, "I'm so happy it worked out to go today instead." The views were spectacular.

I worried the girls would be bored, but they absolutely loved it.

Ani especially enjoyed looking out over the bridges and saying "bus! bus!" every time one of those iconic red double-deckers drove across.

I also loved that there were tablets mounted around the capsules so you could see what buildings and landmarks you were looking at.

There's also a 4-D movie included with the ticket price - it's about four minutes long and Ella was totally enraptured by the 3-D glasses and the fact that the dragon in the show "sneezed" on her (there was fog, mist, and wind, hence the 4-D title).

When we were high above London, the girls spotted the playground right below the eye, so as soon as we got off and collected our stroller, we headed over there.

It was the Jubilee Gardens, in commemoration of the Queen's Jubilee a couple of years ago, and they are gorgeous.

The playground is fantastic (the playgrounds here are way better than U.S. ones which I think are designed to be so safe that they are dull as dirt) and we spent nearly an hour there.

It didn't hurt that the sun was shining, the trees were all sorts of ridiculous beautiful fall colors, and the London Eye was soaring just above us. 

Eventually, everyone was getting pretty hungry and lunchtime was upon us, so we walked across the bridge toward Big Ben and Parliament and walked up to Soho for some Korean food at BiBimBap

Ella conked out in the stroller just before we arrived and slept through nearly all the lunch, so as we walked back home, we stopped at Pret to buy her a raisin bun. And then stopped ten minutes later at Caffe Nero to buy her a muffin. I guess she wasn't kidding about being hungry. 

It was basically the most delightful day ever (I could get really used to Bart only doing a three-day week every week), and I'm so delighted that after eight years of waiting to ride the London Eye, I've finally done it. 


  1. So much fun!! I don't know if I could ever do it because of my fear of heights. But the pictures look amazing. :) I totally agree about playgrounds here...they need to take notes from London!

  2. The look on the faces of both girls tells it all! When we were in London in 2000, we didn't go to The Eye either, and I regret it. We did, however, go on the Prater Wheel in Vienna, which is a similar experience.

  3. These London posts are my favorite - hopefully I'll make it there one day!

  4. I loved the London Eye! We ate at Giraffe when we rode.

  5. So fun! London looks amazing. I'm afraid if I ever go there, I'll fall so in love, I won't want to return to the States.

  6. Riding the Eye is one of my clearest memories of visiting London in 2000. I think it had recently opened!

  7. How fun. I have never ridden the London Eye yet, nor did I know about the Jubilee Gardens, but both may have to be added to my to do list, especially if I have a couple of cute kids to go with me.

  8. London Eye is a must-do. I went there back in 2011 and they didn't have those tablets back then! Brilliant idea :) Gorgeous photos too!


  9. So much fun! London Eye is great. And these two little girls are adorable. They look so happy.
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