September 29, 2014

All Ella

After her four-year-old shots (and Ani's 18-month-old shots)
Ella: [sniffling] Ani was much MUCH braver than I was. Which is quite surprising since I'm older.

On a car ride telling us about the money she got for her birthday (a $2 bill) and the penny she found at IKEA
Ella: And if you guys ever run out of money, you can just ask me for some. Because I have plenty.

Ani is sobbing in her carseat and Ella opens up her animal encyclopedia to cheer her up.
Ella: There is no reason to cry if you're looking at meerkats, is there? No, of course not.

One evening, Ella desperately wanted to pretend she was getting married, but Bart and I were cleaning up the dishes and trying to hustle everyone to bed.
Ella: [bursting into tears] My wedding isn't going the way I want it to at ALL!

To Bart
Ella: You ruffian!
Bart: . . . .
Ella: Why did I even say that? I don't even know what that means.

While I buckled her in the car after leaving the library
Ella: How long until we're home?
Janssen: About five minutes.
Ella: I would prefer five seconds. [arches her eyebrows] I would much, MUCH prefer it.

After asking if my dad was going to be around in the afternoon to play with her when we got back from errands.
Ella: He said he would play with me. So I think he'll be there to play with me.
[long pause]
Ella: And who wouldn't want to play? Especially a grandpa? That's what I'd like to know.

Out of nowhere, Ella calls out from her bottom seat in the stroller
Ella: Mom, Dad, I need to tell you something I think you'll be interested to hear.
Us: Okay.
Ella: I've just realized that actually I'm the boss.

At Grandma's house at dinner
Janssen: You need to eat four bites of dinner.
Ella: No, I already know it's going to taste like junk.

Taking her first bite of pain au chocolat
Ella: This is so freaking dang good.

Eating animal crackers in the backseat of the car
Ella: Look, Mom, a lion!
Janssen: What? Oh, one of your crackers?
Ella: Yes. Did you think I meant a real lion?
Janssen: Yep.
Ella: Oh, and were you like, "what the heck?"

After a long long day of driving in Germany
Ella: [tugging on her carseat straps] Can you let me out of my trap?

(More Ella hilarity here)


  1. Thanks for the laughs! And that face!!!

  2. She's amazing! Thanks for sharing the fun. I love your posts, but All Ella is my all-time favorite!

  3. Ella is so clever!!! I love, love, love it! I always get a good giggle out of these! Can't wait until my toddler can actually say more than handful of short sentences... The most I get is, (when being offered food she doesn't want), "I don't wan' 'em!" or if she wants to read and I'm busy, she grabs my plant leg and leads me to the rocking chair, pats the chair and says, "read with Momma." Which, of course, melts my heart. But nothing too funny yet. :)

  4. I just love these posts! Your daughter is about half a year older than mine, and each one makes me so excited for what's in store!

  5. So so funny. I especially liked the one about meerkats :)

  6. I always love these. I feel like she and my 3 year old would have some hilarious conversations.

  7. These are the best. I wonder if other children are this hysterical, but I really think she is just so clever! I hope my kids are this fun!

  8. Yea! More All Ella! I always look forward to these posts.

  9. Freaking precious! I can't wait until my daughter starts talking like that! So funny!

  10. I love al of your posts but these are by far my favorite!!

  11. I've said this before, but I seriously love her.

    Also, thanks for both your leftover orzo and that recipe you posted the other day, since I had no idea what I was going to do with it. We made it tonight and it was delish. Picky Mila even tried a tiny taste after I told her it was from Ella and Ani's mom.

  12. Oh H, we miss your witty one-liners in real life!

  13. These are hilarious--and so wise! Every day when I leave work, I think, "I would like to be home in 5 seconds. I would 'much, MUCH prefer it' to my 30-minute commute! ;-)

  14. Ella is the best!!! How on earth did she know the word 'ruffian'? And that little face is the cutest. You're one lucky mummy, Janssen! x

  15. Aah, I could never get enough of these. Also I had two thoughts...Did you know there is a new Aaron Becker book called Quest that is a continuation of Journey? And have you read Paul Meets Bernadette? We love that one.

  16. Oh goodness -- I absolutely love your Ella posts. She's so hilarious and frighteningly intelligent!

  17. Hilarius! Miss that little girl and love the dress on her!

  18. Oh my gosh! Such a little lady!! Love these!!

  19. I totally snorted when I read the "it's going to taste like junk" comment.

  20. Oh my goodness. I really needed to read this today. Thanks for taking the time to document this hilarity, Janssen!


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