July 18, 2014

All Ella

After an earlier talk about being a good sport when you win
Janssen: Okay, if you win this game, how are you going to act?
Ella: I'll say "You did a good job! I was just a little better."

While packing up all the girls' clothing before we left North Carolina, I found some brand-new infant sleepers Ani never wore (how does that even happen?)
Janssen: I hope we have another girl so that I can use these someday.
Ella: Yeah, if we have a boy next, he'll just have to be naked.

I texted my dad to ask for help getting the garage door to open, but then figured it out before he had a chance to reply
Ella: What are you doing?
Janssen: Just texting Grandad
Ella: Are you telling him, "I don't need you"?

Watching Beauty and the Beast during the part where the Beast rages at Beauty for locking herself in her room
Ella: When is it going to get to the loving part?

After reading a big stack of books together
Ella: Okay, now let's color until our fingers hurt.

In the middle of the night, moaning incoherently from her room
Janssen: [whispering] Do you need to go to the bathroom?
Ella: [in a suddenly loud, cheerful voice] You guessed it!

Coming down the stairs during quiet time
Ella: What is that amazing smell that smells like popcorn?
Janssen: Um. . . popcorn.


  1. I absolutely love your All Ella posts! She just cracks me up! :-D

  2. You know me, I couldn't click the blog title quick enough when I saw it. "I was just a little better." Hahah. You birthed a comedian!

    (If responding, please email or comment a blog post of mine.)

  3. These posts are the best! I don't think the spirit of childhood could be captured more perfectly than through her quote "let's color until our fingers hurt." So sweet!

  4. Once again, these are my favorite. :)

  5. I love these posts (and the pictures that go with them). Can't wait to see you all in a couple of months. I also loved the picture of Ani on your Disney post. That is what we all need sometimes.

  6. I love when you do these posts. Hilarious! I miss when Darian was this age. He's not nearly as witty now. :)

  7. When I saw her cute frown on Instagram tonight I was hoping you would do one of these soon. She's hilarious.

  8. She is a hoot!! This post is so great. :-)

  9. Not gonna lie, I got very excited when I saw this post in my RSS reader. She is hilarious!


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