June 3, 2014

Raiding My Sister's Closet: A Yellow Dress, Three Ways

After years of trying to be a more adventurous dresser, I still put on a black tee-shirt and think "THIS is my favorite thing to wear." 

We've wanted to do a post where all of us wore the same item for nearly two years, and finally were able to make it happen with this yellow dress from Joules (thanks, Joules!). 

It's a beautiful dress (fully-lined, gorgeous fabric), and I like the juxtaposition of this dressy piece with a casual t-shirt. Knotting the t-shirt gave the outfit a waistline (if I'd just left it loose, it kind of looked like a paper sack, and not in a good way), and also added a little spark to a plain t-shirt. 

Plus, I like the contrast of black and yellow.

Black shoes aren't the most summery, but when they're patent leather (or, you know, totally fake patent leather), then they are perfect. 

Dress: c/o Joules // Shirt: NoVae Clothing
Shoes: Payless // Bracelet: c/o Oasap 

Check out how Merrick and Landen styled this dress (I can't wait to see either - I didn't get a sneak preview!)



  1. This looks great - love the dress! Stopping by from Merricks blog ;) I think I have the same shoes as you too! yay for faux patent leather ;)


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