April 22, 2014

A Tee Shirt Dress Three Ways

I'm pretty convinced that there is no person alive with a body that doesn't have at least one tricky feature that makes shopping somewhat difficult (and, let's be honest, most of us have multiple). 

One of mine is that I have very narrow shoulders.

And a dress or shirt with shoulders that are too big means you look like you are a nine-year-old wearing your mother's clothing.

(Buying a blazer or jacket is nearly impossible). 

I was at Old Navy last week and when I was walking through the girls section to get to the little girl section, I noticed these striped maxi dresses

And I thought. . . "I bet that would work for me." 

And it did. Thank you, little girls, for having tiny shoulders so I can wear a dress made for you. Also, a maxi dress for little girls means it's a knee-length dress on me. Which I like better anyway. 

The dress was also on sale for $10, so that was extra awesome (for reference, this is a size medium. I also tried on a large with pink stripes instead of blue, which I also loved, but eventually decided I liked the knee-length more than the midi-length). 

I'm planning to wear this all summer long, especially when we visit my parents this summer in Las Vegas and enjoy some cool temperatures of 115. 

I also love the circle hem, which is a nice extra touch. 

I put together three outfits with this dress, but I could have done at least five more. Don't be surprised to see this popping up all summer. 

#1: Hat, Flats, Done. 

I really love that this dress doesn't need anything to be a full outfit. That's my kind of summer dress. 

Dress: c/o Old Navy // Hat: Old Navy // Flats: DSW

#2: Dressed up with a jacket and wedges

We will be visiting beaches on both sides of the country this summer (yippee!) and I have visions of wearing this dress over my swimsuit during the day and then tossing on a jacket and nicer shoes and going out with Bart when the girls are in bed.

But I think we all know the chances of that happening are zero. More likely, after a day at the beach with small children, we'll all collapse into bed at 7 p.m. 

Still, it doesn't hurt to dream. 
Dress: c/o Old Navy // Jacket: c/o Old Navy
Wedges: Payless // Bracelet: The Shine Project

#3: Top it off with a button-down and belt.

You know I won't be doing this in the summer, but right now, while it's spring and the weather isn't the temperature of the noonday sun? This is perfect. 

Also, I bought these wedges (you can see them more clearly here) a couple of years ago when Old Navy had a 50% off one-item coupon, and then never wore them, but this year I'm wearing them non-stop. This is why I am afraid to get rid of anything. 

Dress: c/o Old Navy // Button-down Shirt: Kohl's
Belt: Aeropostale // Wedges: Old Navy

P.S. Old Navy also has a similar dress in adult sizes.


  1. That's such a great idea, to get it in the girls' section! Old Navy has the BEST stuff. I actually have super broad shoulders, so your problem has never been one of mine!

    Love all 3 ways. I really like a dress that can stand on it's own or be dolled up!

  2. Jealous that you fit into it! I totally saw that last night and wished that they had it in my size. It looks great on you. :)

  3. I love it with the red flats and the summery hat....super cute!

  4. My daughter has the shorter version with the string belt. It's knee length on her, and she loves it. Cute with sandals and a cardi for church, and fine with flat tennis shoes with ankle socks for the playground.

    My problem is finding button down shirts that fit nicely without gaping at the bust. If it doesn't, it's huge elsewhere.

    Old navy also has a blue and white striped cotton pencil skirt. Super cute and flattering. I wore it with heels and a navy blue boat neck top for Easter.

  5. I"m glad to know I'm not the only one who sometimes has better luck in the kids section... (you know, when I'm not pregnant that is!) This dress is super cute! I wouldn't have thought to just wear a kids maxi dress as a regular dress! You're a smart one!

  6. Since this is the girls style what size did you get? So cute!

  7. Emily - Okay, awkward question. I'm like a 32 chest, and I sometimes buy from the children's section. I'm looking at the size chart and seeing the medium is like a 27 chest... is it going to be skin tight on me? I'm 5'2" so I'm afraid getting anything larger/longer would just look awkward. Thoughts? I hate wearing anything skin tight on my post-2-baby tummy...

    1. Ha! I'm about a 29-30, and if I were any bigger, I don't think I could make it work in the chest section with this dress.

  8. The little girl version of the dress is far superior to the adult version, in my humble opinion. Unfortunately I am not blessed with narrow ... anything ... but now I'm going to keep my eye out for a similar looking dress for a plus-size lady. I like sleeves on my dresses, and that length is perfect.

  9. Love this! If I didn't just have a baby I would be heading to Old Navy right now.

  10. So cute! And let's start a narrow shoulders girl club! We can cry about clothes we can't buy, compare whose bra is falling off the worst, and of course eat cupcakes.

  11. How thin is the material? All reviews on Old Navy site said it was see thru.

    1. It's fairly thin, but I feel comfortable wearing it without a tank underneath it.


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