March 4, 2014

Raiding My Sister's Closet: Transitioning an Outfit to Spring

After all that snow a couple of weeks ago, there are definite signs that spring is on its way for good. I hope.

This week for Raiding My Sister's Closet we're sharing outfits that fit into that awkward in-between space of winter and spring.

(For the record, Merrick took these photos for me when I was in California. . . so it's not like I actually was experiencing anything remotely resembling winter here. In fact, in the interest of full-disclosure, we were at the beach a couple of hours before these photos. But still. We can pretend).

This outfit is about as basic as you can get - blue jeans and a white t-shirt (you've noticed, I'm sure, that basic is one of my favorite kinds of outfits).

Jeans: Aeropostale // Shirt: H&M // Jacket: SheInside
Shoes: Aeropostale // Bag: JoTotes // Bracelets: Merrick's 

For cooler weather, I like the winteryness (made-up-word alert!) of leather, both the real in the bag and the fake in the jacket.

You can't see my shoes really in these cold-weather posts, but I am wearing my oxfords non-stop right now. They seem to go with everything, and I love the polish they give to my outfits (this combo is one of my all-time favorite outfits).

And then, when the sun comes out . . . .

Ditch the jacket.

I love the contrast between this very structured bag (it's actually a camera bag) and the flowy shirt.

And obviously grab some sunglasses, although I wear my sunglasses year-round because my eyes are wimpy babies about any brightness at all. (These sunglasses are from BonLook - I won them in a giveaway a few months ago and I like them, but to be honest, I like the $5 ones Erica bought in Chinatown and let me steal just as much or possibly even more).

And finally a pair of more summery shoes. I can't get over how much I love these shoes. Or that they cost me $8.

Check out Merrick and Landen's outfits (be warned, they live in pretend-winter places too): 



  1. Spring? Ha! We got four inches of snow yesterday and it's currently 18 degrees.

  2. I love this look! There is something about simple classic pieces that I just really love!


  3. This outfit is gorgeous! Love the whole look! :) sometimes basic is best and the most classic.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I like your disclaimer about Merrick and Landon living in pretend-winter places. It is definitely still winter here! School was cancelled today and yesterday (granted Maryland is ill prepared for the amount of snow we've had this year), and I am wearing leggings under my jeans today. Brrrr. Short sleeves.


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