December 16, 2013


I bought this jacket on a super mega-clearance at American Eagle about two years ago (I think it was $15), and never really wore it.

Then, I whipped it out when we went to the State Fair a couple of months ago and, voila. Suddenly upgraded to favorite jacket ever.

This is why I live in fear of getting rid of anything.

 Jacket: American Eagle // Shirt: H&M // Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: c/o Choies // Boots: Nine West // Necklace: Gift from my parents

(It was legitimately freezing cold when I took these pictures. When I came inside, the tripod was ice cold, and I was only outside for about ten minutes (okay, eleven, but that extra minute was because I had to nonchalantly pretend I was taking pictures of a tree while a person walked slooooooowly by with their dog)


  1. Love the skirt! I have it in the black and white polka dot and it makes me wonder why all skirts aren't that comfy. And I hear you on not throwing things out- you never know when you'll rediscover something that you have!

  2. I love the freezing expression on your face! Cute jacket!

  3. I just saw that skirt on clearance two hours ago and almost bought it but didn't. You're making me wish I had.

  4. I have that jacket also! I have a tendency to wear it all of the time once winter hits.


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