November 4, 2013

State Fair

Almost from the moment we arrived in North Carolina, people started telling us about the state fair and how it was a must-see.

We planned to go on the last Friday in October, but as the day went on and Ani's last nap went later and later, we almost abandoned it.

Finally, after debating back and forth, we rallied ourselves, packed up the double stroller (the smartest thing we did), and Ani woke up in the nick of time. And we were off.

It was magical.

Sometimes, you go on outings with small children and you spend the whole time thinking, "Is this supposed to be fun?" (see: our trip to the pumpkin patch where Ella cried for twenty minutes on the way home because someone walked off with the moldy corn cob she carted around the entire afternoon).

But this was not like that. The girls were well-behaved, the traffic and crowds were manageable, and even though it was a chilly afternoon (and got chillier as the sun went down), we were pretty well dressed for it.

Ella hasn't stopped talking about the "horse-go-round" and the "elephant-go-round," and we're already excited to go next year.

(Of COURSE we got fried food - we tried the Krispy Kreme Burger (good, but not good enough to get again next year) and the deep fried cookie dough. Both Ella and Ani were huge huge fans of the later).

I thought it was the Chicago Bean or something.

It took us ages to get the girls to turn around and look at the camera. They were utterly entranced by the fairgrounds behind them. 


  1. Lots of grins. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all.

  2. Looks fun! I don't think I could dare try a Krispy Kreme burger. You are brave.

  3. Wow! That is a legit looking fair, it makes Utah's look almost white trash ;) which wouldn't be entirely untrue! Love that the baby got to go on the "horse-go-round!" Your girls are too cute for words and growing up way too fast! Glad you got some deep fried goodness, cookie dough sounds amazing!

  4. I used to hate the NC State Fair until I had the boys. Seeing them love it so much as kinda (almost) made me start enjoying it! I haven't tried any of the fried stuff, though. I need to!!

    Your girls are so, so cute!!! Where do you live? I love finding other NC bloggers!

  5. Oh this reminds me of the many fairs we attended in the midwest. Haven't done it since moving west tho. Glad your girls loved it.

  6. Your daughters are so cute!

  7. Oh my gosh, their faces are SO FANTASTIC! Love.


  8. The expression on Ella's face in that last photo is priceless!

  9. I have lived in NC for three years now and still have never been to the fair... =[


  10. Their smiles!!! I die. Also, love the color in these photos.


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