November 5, 2013

Raiding My Sister's Closet: Pinterest Inspiration

A quick question - do you call it "Pin-Ter-Est" or "Pin-Trist"? Merrick pronounces it the first way, I pronounce it the other way. 

Anyway, that is not important. (Unless you're saying it the wrong way). 

This week, we each chose a photo from our Pinterest style/fashion boards and did our own take on the outfit.

This was the one I picked, from See Jane

via See Jane (used with permission)

I love basically everything about this outfit, but I REALLY love the lining on her coat that you can see at the cuffs. Gotta get myself a brown leather jacket. 

And here is my take on it. I was really thrilled with how it all came together (also, when did it get so cooooold outside?):

Shirt: c/o Choies // Vest: Gift from my mom // Jeans: Gap
Boots: Chinese Laundry via Ross // Pearl Bracelet: gift from Landen
Pave Link Bracelet: c/o Jane


See what Merrick and Landen picked as their Pinterest outfits and their takes on it:



  1. Cute....I think I like your version even more!

  2. Its pronounced pin-trist!

    Cute outfit! Love the plaid shirt!

  3. Pin-trist. I would assume it depends on if you say in-trist or in-ter-est, yes?

  4. CUTE outfit! It's definitely "pin-trist." And ... cold? Really? :)

  5. I say Pin-trist except for when I have to spell it, and then I mentally say "pin-ter-est," haha. digging the burberry-esque shirt.

  6. Pin-Trist! And I love your vest! I have a super super old one that I still love that's more of a canvas-y materials, and if it would only get cool in Texas I'd be all over it!

  7. I say it the right way :) And I'm a big fan of taking outfit inspo from Pinterest. I even did a whole week-long challenge over the summer. I am a big fan of challenges in general (ahem...see below!)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life (Join the Take One, Pass it On challenge linkup!)

  8. I say Pin-trist too. I've actually heard a few people call it Pin Interest like it's two separate words. Very interesting! Ha ha! I love your outfit. My only suggestion would be to roll the hem of the pants if they are long enough, like in the inspiration picture.

  9. Pin-trist for me. I once heard an older lady say pin-interest and had a "bless her heart" moment.

  10. I say pin-trest, you are both wrong!

  11. I just read Edenbrooke, love it thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Super super cute! Love the whole thing! Loving the photos too! Well done!

  13. I love that your look is similar to but not a clone of the inspiration pic. I actually prefer your vest and dark-wash jeans. You look so edgy and fun.

    Pin-trest like Andrea said ^^

  14. Oooh yes! Love! I need a good vest for the fall and winter. (and I also need to go through and copy some of my pins!)

  15. I love this look, Janssen! I just got some booties like yours and have so far only worn them a few ways. I never thought to wear them with a button-up and vest like you did here. I love it! Also, I say "Pinterest" the same way you do - "pin-trist!"


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