August 3, 2013

A Whirlwind Weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan

1. I would take you to lunch at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant where you can dine on some German Favorites, I recommend the sausage and sauerkraut (but if that's not up your alley you could order roast beef or chicken). Save your appetite for dinner though, I've got something special planned!

2. It's famous for a reason! I would take you to Bronners Christmas Wonderland. You can find just about any Christmas decoration or ornament that you can imagine. Ornaments for all occasions, occupations, and organizations. You could literally spend all day in this store! 

3. Calories don't count on vacation! We would stop into Sugar High Bakery. You can get whatever you want, but I'd recommend you try the Chocolate Turtle Cupcake that they won with on Food Network's Cupcake wars! It is delicious, but there are many other choices....maybe we would try more than one!

4. The weather is perfect (in the spring and summer) so we would take advantage of it by being outdoors. We could take a ride on the Bavarian Belle river boat. Sitting on the open air upper deck enjoying the weather and the history of the town on our narrated tour! When we are done with the tour we can walk downtown to some of the small specialty and boutique shops on Main Street. 

5. You are fortunate to have an insider showing you around, and the locals would stone me if I didn't take you to dinner at Zehnder's Family Restaurant. We would indulge in their famous Family Style Chicken Dinner complete with dressing, homemade breads, buttered noodles, and cranberry relish just to name a few. We would eat in the main dining room...I know it sounds formal, it's not. We would enjoy a nice meal complete with soft serve for dessert.

6. You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway, that you can't leave Frankenmuth without picking up some fresh baked goods to take home with you. In the Zehnder's Bakery you can get cakes, cupcakes, homemade chocolates, or breads. I would have to insist though, that you take home the homemade Fruit is delicious toasted, or made into french toast! Enjoy!

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  1. I used to live about an hour away from Frakenmuth and I can attest to the fact that Bronners is the best Christmas store ever! I would even dare to say that it would be ridiculous to go to there and not go to Bronner's!

  2. Jansen, thank you so much for allowing me to share Frankenmuth with you and your readers! I sent you that e-mail on a whim, thinking you'd be flooded with emails and never even see it. Thanks so much!!

    1. I'm sorry, my phone corrected me and then wouldn't let me fix it before it was too late....I meant Janssen.

  3. YAY! So glad to see a place in MI highlighted! I love Frankenmuth! I made quite a few trips there as a kid and even went there on our honeymoon.

  4. I love these posts that introduce me to new places. I always want to visit, and am going to have to start planning some trips so I can do so. Frankenmuth sounds really fun (I love anything German), and I'm especially excited about the Christmas store.


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