July 9, 2013

Not a Hat

There's a set of children's books I really love called Not a Box and Not a Stick where a little animal imagines all the things a box or a stick could be (a robot suit, for instance, or a sword to fight dragons).

Since I got this hat, I've been noticing all the things it is besides a hat at my house. In the past two weeks, it's been a mask, a curtain for playing "peek-a-boo" with Ani, and, memorably, a very small boat just the right size for a toddler to paddle across the living room carpet.

The hat's gotten in on the game too - last week at the beach, it seemed to think it was a kite, soaring skyward with a particularly hard gust of wind (and then landing in the waves, of course. Happily, it dried out nicely, looking none the worse for wear).

Skirt: Ross (super, mega-old, have worn it for the last six years and it still looks almost brand-new. Cost me something like $5. I love Ross) // Shirt: Shade // Tank: Target // Hat: c/o Oasap // Bag // c/o JoTotes


  1. Those books are favourites in our house too! My 3yr old reads them to us all the time

  2. I love this post. You look so pretty! And I love the hat (and I may be having hair envy, since you have disney Princess hair in these pictures.)

  3. I love you JoTote! Do you use it as a regular bag too?

    1. I do, and it's awesome! So many pockets!

  4. Love the hat! I think that is a fantastic set of books (Not a box, Not a Stick) to inspire creativity and always read them to kinder-first grade students.


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