July 15, 2013

Ani: Seven Months

When I dressed Ani in this little dress, Bart's first comment was, "I see the mumuus are making a reapperance."

Yes they are. With a vengeance.

If there are seven things to know about Ani at seven months:

  1. Just the happiest baby of all time, that's all.
  2. Her thighs. Seriously. I cannot see them without wanting to squeeze them.
  3. She's a full-on sitter now. I love it when babies start sitting up - makes it so much easier for them to entertain themselves.
  4. She's consistently sleeping through the night now, which just fills my heart with joy.
  5. Stomach sleeper alert. Just like Ella. Just like me. 
  6. She's become quite a good eater of solid foods. It took her a while to figure it out, but now she can handle almost any food.
  7. When she's hungry, she'll be fairly good if Bart has her, but the minute she sees me, she just loses her mind, shrieking and frantically bobbing her head to let me know, "I KNOW YOU ARE THE MILK LADY."
(But you also might want to know that in our house in North Carolina, she'll finally have a bedroom to sleep in. For the last three or four months, she's slept in the luxurious spare bathroom nursery. She probably doesn't care, but I'm very excited). 

P.S. A few of the posts I've written over at Disney Baby and Spoonful recently:


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    1. Oh boy. It's too early to spell I guess. Should've said: Stomach sleepers unite! :)

  2. her delightful personality just jumps off the page! And I think she's pretty happy with the outfit.

  3. I enjoy comparing this photo and the two month photo side by side!

  4. She is adorable! My youngest does the same when she is hungry. I too find mumuus and baby thighs irresistible ;)

  5. I love your monthly updates. It is so fun to read about all Ani's new accomplishments and her developing personality. Hope the move is going well. Love to all.

  6. I love her. And those other links too. ;)

  7. That's right I forgot you were in NC now!! I am outside of Raleigh. I love it here! We moved here about three years ago and I just love it. Your little girl is so cute! You guys make cute babies for sure! =] Ella is adorable too. Ani slept in a bathroom?!


  8. Baby thighs are pretty delightful!! She does look like a happy baby.

  9. My daughter had that outfit. I think it's super adorable! Your baby is so cute! I just want to squeeze her!

  10. Love this!!! Ani is fancier than Sam was. He slept in the living room in a corner for his first year... :)

  11. yay for sitting. A friend came over and asked how old my baby is-- i said 7 months.. she was like oh so he's in the happy about everything stage. I paused didn't realize it but was like I guess he is in that stage. What isn't to like about life anyways!


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