July 13, 2013

A Whirlwind Weekend in Tel Aviv

1. I'd take you out for sabich at Sabich Frischman. Along with falafel and schwarma, sabich is a meal in a pita that you can find on every corner in Tel Aviv (and Israel for that matter). Its name comes from what it is composed of: Salat (Israeli salad), Beitzah (hardboiled egg), and CHatzilim (fried eggplant). Stuffed in a warm pita pocket with potato, parsley and a drizzle of tachina on top, this meal is one you don't want to miss!

2. It's famous for a reason! Tel Aviv is called the White City and the City that Never Sleeps. It's first nickname is for the color of the beautiful homes and Bauhaus architecture that line the streets and the coast, and the second name is for the nightlife and the people that don't stop for anything!

3. Calories don't count on vacation, so we'll stop in and grab a treat at Lehamim Bakery. People come from all over the country to grab a bite from this delicious bakery. We'll pick from fresh baked bread, quiches, cookies and all sorts of pastries and sit outside under the Mediterranean sun!  

4. The weather is perfect and getting outdoors is a must. We'll take advantage of the gorgeous day by lounging at one of Tel Aviv's many beautiful beaches. The water is always warm and the sand is always soft. We can play paddle ball or volleyball and get an ice cream bar to cool down. We can rent bikes and bike up and down the promenade and bike trail that runs along the coast.

5. The locals would stone me if I didn't take you through Shuk HaCarmel and Nachalat Binyamin - the outdoor market and artist's bazaar. We'll bargain with the shop owners and pick from fresh fruits and vegetables and an array of fresh spices. Next door in the artist's shuk we'll ooh and ahh over the jewlery, sculptures, paintings and other creations as well as peruse through the amazing fabric shops that line the street.

6. You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway that people get nervous when they hear that I live in Israel. "Isn't it dangerous?" they ask. The truth is, that the middle east is an area of unrest, but day-to-day, we don't feel it. The people here are resilient and they want peace. It's a shame that what most people know about this beautiful country is that there is a land dispute. But the country and its people are so much more!

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  1. Oh, what I wouldn't give to spend a weekend in Tel Aviv!!! Sounds truly awesome!!! Especially #1...

  2. It is pretty awesome Audrey - i hope you can make it some day!! Thanks for featuring me Janssen!

  3. That sounds amazing! I always wanted to go to Israel, and especially to Tel Aviv!

    Greetings from Germany,



  4. You're so right about Sabich Frishman, and also about bahuhaus center.


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