June 18, 2013

Raiding My Sister's Closet: Trying Out a Trend (Hat Edition)

I think all three of us would agree that I'm the most conservative dresser of the sisters. So when we agreed to periodically do posts where we try out a trend, I resigned myself to probably having to buy something for most of the posts.

But then! I actually already OWNED a hat. I felt pretty awesome.

Last summer, I bought my first non-pool hat when I was at Old Navy with Ella and she found an adult hat sitting in the kid's clearance section. She said, "You should buy this." And so I did.

This one, I bought a few months ago for the sole reason that I felt just a teeny bit like Neal Caffrey when I put it on. And that's enough reason for me.   


Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy (ooooold) // Fedora: Old Navy (similar)

I like hats because they step up a very, very basic outfit (my favorite kind) to something a little more put together. Perfect for a Saturday running errands and a BBQ with friends.

Check out how Merrick and Landen styled their hats: 



  1. Love it. You pull off the fedora well. (And I love White Collar too.) I wear my fedora a lot in the summer and always get compliments.

  2. Ahhhh!! I love White Collar! And if the hat makes you feel like Neal, I'm all for it!! You look so cute!!

  3. I think hats look great on other people, however I have only found one that fits me. Apparently I have a big head because unless I buy a men's hat they will just perch on the crown of my head and make me look quite ridiculous. I found a fedora that used to be someone's grandpa's hat and I kind of love it....but I don't really wear it in public. Something to think about, self.


    1. i had to buy a men's fedora as well in order for it to fit my head. that "one size fits all" stuff is garbage! what isn't garbage is how cute you look, janssen! you look fabulous in a fedora.

  4. Definitely Neal Cafferty. Love it!

  5. Love love love this hat on you!

  6. LOVE this look! I am going to completely copy it, hope you don't mind! The fedora with the striped red and white shirt is so cute! I pinned this to my style board!


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love your hat and yes, a very nice Neal Caffery!!

  9. I adore hats. I used to wear them much more when I had contacts. I just don't think they look as cute on me with glasses. You look as cool as Neil C.


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