May 13, 2013

Ani: Five Months

If there are five things to know about Ani at five months:
  1. She HATES it when you eat in front of her. She'll stare at your food and watch the utensils go back and forth between the plate and your mouth. We've started trying her on a few tastes of various foods and she's not quite sure what to think about it yet.
  2. She went on 8 airplane flights this month (this says more about how we fly Southwest (aka, no direct flights anywhere we fly) than how much traveling we actually did) and was really great on 7 of them. Bart finally got her to fall asleep on the eighth one, but it was kind of a scream-y time before that happened.
  3. She is really ticklish and laughs uncontrollably almost every time I get her dressed (it's the having her arms put through sleeves that gets her every time).
  4. She no longer is swaddled when she sleeps. It became obvious that she was sleeping worse because she was so obsessed with getting her arms out.
  5. She got sick for the first time (it only lasted about a day, fortunately), and seeing her feverish and listless just about broke my heart.
(But you might also like to know that we are all just head over heels in love with her - at this point, I can't even imagine her not being in our family).


  1. What a sweet, happy baby! She has the most adorable smile!
    I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!
    Oh, and thank you for the book club recommendations! I've decided to go with "I Capture the Castle." :)
    Have a great week!

  2. She is so pretty and looks like a very happy baby.

  3. She is a real sweetheart and we miss her, but we are so glad you visited last week and we were able to get to know her sweet, happy personality. She is just wonderful.

  4. omg! She is SO adorable. man, you and merrick have the cutest babies.

  5. She is the cutest of babies. So glad we got to meet her!

  6. She is so adorable! We finally broke the news to our family this past weekend that we are expecting!


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