April 19, 2013

A Chance to do a Good Deed

When I do a giveaway (you know, once in a blue moon), I don't want to make you do a bunch of things like follow me on Instagram or Pinterest or tweet about how awesome a certain brand of deodorant is. Like Natalie at Perry's Plate says when she does a giveaway, I want you to do those things because you like me, not because you want an extra entry (just one more reason I love Natalie like you love strangers on the Internet you've never met in real life).

But I WILL ask you to do me a quick favor today and vote for my brother in a scholarship contest he's competing in. There are only six students who have submitted essays (so this isn't like the baby Gap contests where your your baby's chance of winning is approximately one in a bazillion), and the link will take you directly to his essay, so you don't even have to scroll through to find his name.

(This reminds me of a section in our latest bookclub book, Predictably Irrational, where lawyers who were asked to spend an hour or two a week helping out people who couldn't afford legal services didn't really do it when they were paid $30 an hour, but were more than willing to do it for free. So. . . here's me asking you to do it for free).

Anyway, if you've managed to make it through all those last pointless paragraphs, here's the link. Just go to this link, push "like" in the upper right hand corner, then push the "vote" button for Crawford's essay about the civil tort system. (After you vote, it will ask if you want to give them your email address, but you can just press the skip button on that and never think about it again, except to pat yourself on the back for doing a really nice thing for a high school student you don't know).

As my witty friend Rachel said, after she voted, "Best essay I never read." 

Shirt: Shade, Skirt: Ross, about 8 years ago
Sweater: Hand-me-down from Ralphie, from Downeast Basics, 
Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless

What, you think an outfit picture has nothing to do with all that stuff above? How right you are. Happy Friday to you, anyway.



  1. I voted... And actually read it, since I love things like that. If he were one my history or English students I'd give it an A+ :)

  2. You didn't mention on Sunday when I was sitting next to you in my 8 year old Ross skirt that you were wearing one too :)

  3. I voted! Good luck to your brother. And, also, I love an outfit picture regardless if it makes sense in a post or not. I like the leopard paired with the white and grey. Super cute.

  4. Voted! Looks like he is crushing the competition.

  5. I voted! And I love your quotes about mothers

  6. I just shared one of the quotes from your "mother's" entry. All of them are awesome and so true.

  7. Voted. Scholarships are hard to come by. I hope he does well.

  8. Voted! If for no other reason than Crawford is an EXCELLENT writer which is hard to come by. I was a nanny for high school aged children and I was baffled at their inability to form a complete sentence with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. Bravo Crawford, and good luck to you!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Done.

    And I feel the same way with my giveaways! AAAMEN!

  11. P.S. I had to make Haki vote since I canned my FB. That is love, sista. /shuddering at "sista" coming from my fingertips.

  12. shoot. I can't. Not a member of Facebook and I just can't make myself join. . . Had to ignore your mom's email about it too. Sorry! Hope the essay wins!


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