April 30, 2013

31 for 31

After much soul-searching over the weekend (read: thirty seconds of thinking before I drifted off to sleep), I decided I'm going to attempt RA's 31 for 31 challenge this month.

May is tricky in Austin (this year - I don't remember it being quite so cool in previous years during April, but I'm not complaining). Do I include sweaters? shorts? both? (both, obviously).

We'll be in Utah for a week this month, and I can't decide if that will make things easier or more difficult. Hard to cheat that week, I guess. Also, probably easier to pack. 

RA left it pretty wide open as far as how you wanted to interpret 31 items, so I chose to not include shoes in that 31. I see my ideal wardrobe as pretty small as far as clothing goes, with a bigger range of shoes and accessories to rotate in and out with. If you want to call this cheating, go ahead; I will not be offended.

Also, to make it easy on myself, I'm taking everything out of my drawers that isn't listed here and putting it on the high shelf in my closet so I am not constantly thinking, "Was this one of my items?" And possibly at the end, I will just donate the entire bag without looking in it.

Either way, here are my 31 items for May. (I just typed "Mary" instead of "May." I don't know who Mary is, but she is not getting my 31 favorite items of clothing). 

A shocking lack of color here, isn't there? I like neutrals.

But apparently I do like colorful sweaters.

Frankly, this is too many skirts. I am not a skirt-wearer except for Sundays. I spend too much time flopping on the couch and lying on the floor flipping Ella around or playing airplane with Ani to wear skirts most days. Oh well.

Pants are definitely the staple of my wardrobe. One of those pairs of jeans is actually shorts.

(And, if you're the counting type, you might notice this is only thirty things. I just ordered a new pair of jeans that hasn't arrived yet, so it's number 31. Unless they don't fit, in which case, well, I guess I'll be doing 30 things).


  1. I applaud you... I thought about it too but I have too many clothes and essentially I'm lazy. Maybe someday...

    Anyway, I like all your choices! Don't share with Mary :)

  2. This is an awesome idea, I feel like I could use something like this! It looks like you have a great set of choices. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts as the month goes on.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with these! I'm debating trying one of these challenges this summer to edit down my closet further before the move, so I look forward to your thoughts.

    Also, if you've got any free time when you're in Utah, I love to take you to lunch in Salt Lake! I will tempt you by saying the desert and pie selection at my favorite restaurant is enough to make you swoon.

  4. Not including shoes is not cheating! You are fine. I'm surprised by the lack of dresses, though. I included more dresses than skirts (5 and 2, respectively) because I figured that I could use the dresses AS skirts if needed.

    Make sure to leave this permalink as a comment on the 31 for 21 post, okay?

    And for anyone else who is not sure about the 31 for 31, you can take part in the Mission: Put Together challenges without restricting your wardrobe, and you STILL earn chances to win free jeans! :)

  5. I think I'm doing this. I need to sit down and sort out my 31 items after swimming tonight. And set up the tripod because there's no way I can drag the husband away from work once a day to take pictures.

  6. I'm not doing the 31 for 31 part, but I am really excited for M:PT to start up again! My project for the evening is to get my tripod set up because I don't have a large enough full length mirror to do anyone any good. Ha!


  7. I was going to say I should do this challenge too, but then I started mentally counting and 31 items would be *almost* everything in my closet. I'd be setting aside some dresses and maybe a few tops. I've been working hard on getting rid of things I don't wear, so I guess I'm on the right track!

  8. I could totally do this. I think. Maybe ill so it too.

  9. This is challenging but fun. I am currently doing the bramblewood fashion 30 day challenge remix. I am on day 17 now. I would join, if I could. Hoping someone hosts a summer remix challenge. Looking forward to learning how to remix more of my outfits.

  10. This looks like fun. I've always wanted to try a fashion challenge... maybe one day soon!

  11. I LOVE this idea. Right now I'm a stay-at-home mom because I've been unemployed for about 9 months, and I don't know what to do with my clothes...I would love to do a big closet clean out but feel the need to hang on to office attire just in case. Right now, on some days I feel like not even changing out of my pjs (depressing, I know!) and other days I want to put something on but I don't want to "waste" my "good" clothes if I'm not leaving the house or if I'm just going out to the grocery store. Would love to hear how others deal with this lol!


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