March 19, 2013

Sisters Share It All: Homemade Fruit Snacks

I should have finished two more of my projects by now. But I have not. How embarrassing.

I mean, one of my unfinished goals is to go buy a cupcake. From a place within WALKING DISTANCE OF MY HOUSE. I should be fired (from what, I have no idea. Cupcake eating? Being a sister? Just go with me here).

On the other hand, that gives me plenty of time to tell you about my homemade fruit snacks.

I posted the recipe over at Spoonful last week, but let me tell you about it in great great detail.

First off, they are going to be a little different than a packaged fruit snack. Just accept that and move on. They definitely taste like real fruit, not like plastic-y candy. Is that good or bad? Up to you.

Second, because you're dealing with fruit here, you're going to have to make your own call about how much sugar to put in. I ended up putting four times as much sugar in as the original recipe called for and I still thought they weren't quite as sweet as I maybe would have wanted them (although, by the third day, they'd gotten a bit sweeter). And of course, I was using early spring strawberries which aren't as sweet as they would have been later in the summer, and citrus is notoriously non-sweet when it comes to lemon and lime. If you're doing really sweet fruit and fruit juice (like blueberries and apple juice), you'll need less sugar.

Also, I originally planned to just cut it into squares, but then I was at Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist the tiny cutters in the clay section and, let's be honest, cutting them out with a tiny star was the most fun part. Ella loved doing it too.

And, finally, let me just assure that it's not that difficult. I will definitely make these many times (and it's so easy to use whatever fruit you have on hand).

The basic recipe goes like this:
  • 2 cups diced fruit
  • 1 cup fruit juice
  • Sugar to taste
  • 1 ounce unflavored gelatin powder (4 packets)
Stick the fruit, juice, and sugar in a saucepan and cook it until it's all soft. Blend it up in a blender and add the gelatin. Pour the mixture into a tin-foil lined 9x9 pan (make sure to leave enough tinfoil on the edges that you can use it like handles and pull the whole thing out afterward).

Let it chill for a couple of hours until it's really solid and then remove it from the pan and stamp away (I peeled the tinfoil off the bottom before I cut them out).

Easy, peasy. Also, mighty impressive to say you make your own fruit snacks, no?

Now I'm off to conquer my fear of freezer paper and actually do the last three pins. Who wants to bet I do the cupcake eating one first?

Check out Merrick and Landen's progress:

And there's still time to join up if you'd like! Just pick six pins and link up your post here!


  1. This looks so much better than the fruit snacks recipe I tried. And getting the star cutter from the clay section was genius! I searched around for a tiny cutter like that but never thought to look in crafts.

  2. this would make a great "healthy" easter basket treat! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your star shapes!

    I did this too, using a slightly different recipe (proportions of fruit:juice are different and used honey instead of sugar). They turned out alright, but not great. So I tried again using frozen pineapple and mango...which would have tasted awesome, except that I found out gelatin doesn't work with pineapple and mango. Then I thought about trying again and realized that fruit snacks probably wouldn't be my snack of choice, even if they turned out fantastically. (But I still kind of want to try again and add a little cream - that could be awesome.)

  4. omg, wow!! now I want to try this... just gotta get a tiny cutter :) Great job! oh, and BTW I have only completed 3 challenges also.

  5. No need to be fired as a sister :)

    And as far as the freezer paper stencils, just iron, iron, iron the heck out of that stencil before you paint. I iron mine like three times before I paint, pushing extra hard on the edges to make sure that none of those edges pull up and the paint bleeds out. And then paint in a dabbing motion for your first layer of paint and a swiping motion second for your second layer of paint. Good luck!

  6. You and your sisters have awesome names! Found u on pinterest...funny my last name is Janssen! Coincidence ;) def will be making these fruit snacks for my 20 month old twin boys! Thanks girl!:)

  7. You and your sisters have awesome names! Found u on pinterest...funny my last name is Janssen! Coincidence ;) def will be making these fruit snacks for my 20 month old twin boys! Thanks girl!:)


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