March 8, 2013

Ani: Three Months

If there are three things to know about Ani at three months:
  1. Her favorite place to nap during the day is smack in the middle of our bed. And it's so cute, that I let her.
  2. She was sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks, but this week she seems to be hitting a growth spurt and is back to getting up in the middle of the night for a little sustenance.
  3. She is a fabulous burper. i don't ever want to forget the enormous explosions that come from this little girl. 
(But you might also like to know that she flexes her little fingers whenever she's just hanging out on her own, she rarely cries even when Ella squeezes her harder than I like, is starting to laugh at Ella's antics, has teensy little feet, and is an extremely efficient nurser).

Also, you probably think I'm lying at this point about her being such a smiley happy baby, but how happy would you look if you'd just been subjected to all this madness?

And, elsewhere (me, not Ani):


  1. Those photos of Ani and Ella together kill me. Especially the second one.

  2. My parents have a picture of my sister doing the exact same thing to me. Loving comes in many forms, I guess.

  3. Your girls are so precious. And I clicked over to your Disney songs post. I am a huge Disney fan and I was proud of myself for knowing every word to every one of your list! And the fact that you love all of those just made you #1 on my awesomeness list :)

  4. Wow, her hair looks so very red next to Ella! They are both super adorable. :)

  5. Our few two-children photo shoots have had very similar results. And it doesn't help matters that my toddler is far less interested in my baby than your toddler is in your baby.

  6. So pretty in pink! It's fun to see her getting so big :)
    And I LOVED your bead animals over at Disney Baby. You ROCK!

  7. That photo strip at the bottom is too funny!! I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it when they're both teenagers :o)

  8. The pies for pi day link isn't working. And we only have 6 days left to plan!!

  9. Ha, that second picture of the two of them KILLS me!!

  10. Your little girls are ADORABLE. I love the pictures of them together! Obviously Ani is not a big fan of being squished by Ella. :)


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