March 9, 2013

A Whirlwind Weekend in Washington D.C.

1. I'd take you out for Americana-style food at Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza -- they're right next door to each other and owned by Spike Mendelsohn. You can order whatever you want, but I'd strongly recommend farmhouse cheeseburger, the rosemary french fries and chocolate milkshake at Good Stuff.

2. It's famous for a reason! You shouldn't miss Eastern Market. It is open during the week, but the prime shopping time is on the weekends -- local produce and treats, as well as artisans all come out to sell their wares. You're sure to find something to pack in your suitcase there!

3. Calories don't count on vacation, so we'll stop in and grab a treat at Serendipity 3. May I recommend the frozen hot chocolate? (It is the same restaurant that's in NYC and made famous by the movie -- so the food is just as good, but the wait times aren't as long.)

4. The weather is perfect and getting outdoors is a must. We'll take advantage of the gorgeous day by strolling down the National Mall and taking the classic tourist photos at the monuments. Or if you'd prefer, we could take an open-top bus tour! Either way, you have to see the national landmarks when you come to D.C.! And if you're here in the spring, Cherry Blossoms are a breath-taking view -- we loved them so much, that we timed our wedding for their season!

5. You're so fortunate to have an insider showing you around. The locals would stone me if I didn't show you the National Arboretum. The bonsai exhibit is one of my favorites, but it is nice to have an escape from the city busyness and into nature, all within the city limits!

6. You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway that a trip to the Nation's Capitol wouldn't be complete without visiting the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress. You can do a self-guided tour at the Library, and then we'll take the tunnel over to the Capitol Visitors Center. If you'd like, we can even arrange a Congressional tour!

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  1. D.C. is my husband's home town and I love exploring the neighborhoods he loves there. One of my favorite spots is the National Zoo and the neighborhood of Adams Morgan. We are going this summer and I know The Library of Congress is on my to-see list this time.

  2. Had a chance to spend two weeks in DC last summer. I love, love, LOVED the Eastern market. What an amazing place!

  3. I especially loved seeing this one on DC. So interesting to me how different people can come up with totally different, great things in the same place. Although I'd have to disagree on the chocolate milkshake at Good Stuff - toasted marshmallow all the way. :)

  4. Excellent, some of these are my favorite DC spots too! Perfect!

  5. I love all of these places. 'We The Pizza' is one of our favorites.


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