November 2, 2012

October Favorites

  • Actually carving a pumpkin this year (even if we did postpone until the afternoon of Halloween).  
  • The big stack of Chick-fil-A coupons we got for free breakfast entrees - we definitely had several weekend breakfasts there which we paid zero dollars for.
  • A couple of legitimately cool days where I could wear boots and a scarf and not feel like a moron.
  • Garage sales! This is one of our favorite family activities on a Saturday morning and we purchased the bulk of Ella's Christmas gifts a couple of weeks ago for a whopping $7.
  • The annual Chalk Walk our city holds - this year we bought a square for three dollars and let Ella go to town. 
  • Ella's new phrase, "You not know what I talking bout?" 
  • Walking a four mile loop with several friends a couple of times a week in the morning. Ella is pretty well-behaved in the stroller (especially if I pack a little stack of books), and it's nice to enjoy the gorgeous weather and do something physical that isn't running. 


  1. Can you explain a little more about the Chalk Walk? I've never heard of something like that and I'm intrigued...

  2. You not know what I talking about? Those phrases are just adorable.

  3. I love garage sales! And I love that you bring your little girl and go walking in the mornings. You make me want to be a mom. :)

  4. I'm going to miss Texas garage sales, for sure! Question: Why does Merrick look like a supermodel in the hospital after having a baby? What?! Do you look like that too, Janssen? No pressure or anything :)


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