October 26, 2012

Week 10,345

I remember that in my last pregnancy photo in 2010, I said something about how I needed this baby to be born because I was running out of clothing I hadn't worn in my weekly photos.

This time around, I'm pretty much running out of clothing, period. I don't know if I'm just carrying this baby MUCH lower or what, but the number of clothing items that still fit me is shrinking to an alarmingly small number.

And I've still got five weeks to go (or more, if this baby also decides she doesn't care for her due date). Happily, I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and she was measuring right on track, whereas Ella was always small. And they estimated she is currently clocking in at 5.5 lbs. And the 3-D ultrasound pictures, which I will spare you, showed some preeeeetty chubby little cheeks.

I love my chubby-cheeked little girls (also, this picture of me in 2008 reminds me that it took me about 24 years to lose my own chubby cheeks, so they come by it naturally).

AND, Merrick is having her baby today, so that's exciting times - can't wait to see pictures of a new little nephew. Crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly.

I'm also pretty happy that this time around I'm only five weeks behind her instead of three MONTHS like in 2010.


  1. And you still look fabulous! That is a great color on you. You look as though you haven't gained an ounce that isn't baby!

  2. You're just so lovely, in every possible way.


  3. You look great! Funny, because as I was reading, I thought that your sister was a few weks before you, and then you said she's having her baby today! Sending love and prayers!

  4. Almost there! I can't hardly believe how fast these last few weeks went, and suddenly today is the day. I'm glad you're not 3 months behind me too...that would probably feel sooooo long.

  5. You are looking wonderful... I love that dress! And I love that you and Merrick have been pregnant together TWICE. I'm sure, with three sisters, it will happen to me eventually. =)

  6. You look fantastic Janssen~ Good luck these last few weeks. Also congratulations to Merrick!!!

  7. You look fabulous. Glad this time around this much better. Just a few more weeks to go. Time flies!

  8. Seriously. You look awesome. Great dress too! Hope the last few weeks are fun!

  9. If it's any consolation (and I always just *love* when people start comments like that, but in this case it's true), you look absolutely fantastic. I love the dress and the heels. You really are so close!!


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