October 9, 2012

Board Books for the (Future) English Major

You know when you see something and think, "That was a great idea, but executed very poorly."?

These BabyLit books are not one of those things. This was a great idea, masterfully pulled off. 

I'd seen one or two of these board books around, but when my mom and I were at Powell's in Portland, I finally got a chance to look through the whole set (except A Christmas Carol, so no promises about that one. . . .).

They aren't retellings of the original novels; rather they are counting or color books using people, places, and events from the books (like "Black Shoes" in Alice in Wonderland, with her feet disappearing down the rabbit hole).

My mom bought Pride and Prejudice (which was my favorite) for Ella, and it is just ridiculously darling. I particularly love the "2 Rich Gentlemen" and "10 10,000 pounds a year."

The illustrations are fantastic - beautifully colored and gorgeously designed, and I pretty much love them all.

I do wish that there weren't SO many counting ones - it'd be nice to have a couple of alphabet or shape ones or something, but that's a trivial complaint. All in all, these are a complete win.


  1. I gave the Pride and Prejudice one as a baby shower gift, and it was a hit. I LOVE the "10,000 pounds" page, like a lot.

  2. I kind of want these for me, now.....not sure if I can wait until we have a baby!

  3. These are totally new to me and perfect timing as I have two sisters expecting very soon. They would love these witty literature gifts.

  4. We have Alice in Wonderland and LOVE it. Even my older kids like the pictures. I didn't realize it was from a set - can't wait to check them out!

  5. My mom and sis have gifted Addie both Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre and she truly does love them both! I figured they'd be books that the parents like and the kids don't care about. She always claps and cheers for 10,000 pounds a year, which makes me so happy. Love them.

  6. We just read Pride and Prejudice at Barnes and Noble last week, and I decided that Jilly will be unwrapping it next month for her birthday. We'll have to check out the others too!

  7. Wow, I'm going to keep my eye for these.

  8. How adorable are those! I will have to keep these in mind for the future! When are you due again?! Do you have a name?


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