October 5, 2012

32 Weeks

I feel like this pregnancy has slowed to a crawl. I'm 32 weeks along today and while in normal time, the end of November feels like it's racing toward me (Halloween! Fall! Thanksgiving!), the pregnancy part of my brain feels like November 30th will absolutely never arrive.

I am pretty much sick of being pregnant. And I don't even have any specific things to complain about. I'm not overly tired, I don't feel sick, and pretty much things are just moving forward

Also? This outfit matched a lot better in real life than it does in these pictures. I looked at these photos and thought, "It looks like I'm either color-blind or I got dressed in the pitch black."

And, of course, there is always that worry that it's actually your own eyes that were lying to you and the camera is showing you what everyone else saw all day long.

Oh well. Eight more weeks. Then I'll start wearing matching clothing again. 


On Disney Baby this week:


  1. That outfit looks totally cute! It matches just fine!!

  2. Well, I, for one, think you look adorable.

  3. I think you match. I am not sure that my opinion on clothing/fashion is good for much, though.

  4. Your red jeans! Love them! (and you do match, silly. :)

  5. I feel ya! I'm 25 weeks and it feels like I should have been able to have several babies by now. Sooooo long this time around!

  6. You look serene and I love, love the red jeans! You are such a hipster.

  7. Your outfit matches just fine. Pregnancy agrees with you.

  8. Oh my goodness! 8 more weeks! How exciting!....and scary....but mostly exciting!


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