September 13, 2012

2 x 2 (by 2): Chicken Big and Shark vs Train

Chicken Big is a silly little book, where an enormous chick hatches and the other chickens try to figure out what he is. The smallest chicken, who is very silly, thinks he is first an elephant, followed by an umbrella, a sweater, and a cow.

As the other chickens worry about the sky falling, the sky leaking, and other spins on the Chicken Little story, the big chicken keeps everyone calm and protects them from the various afflictions they face.

This is one of the first books where I've seen Ella really react to the humor (when I read that the chicken was an elephant, she burst into laughter and then spent the rest of the morning walking around saying, "He an ELEPHANT!"), which made this an instant favorite for me.

I love the goofy match-ups between the shark and the train in Shark Vs Train. Which one would win a pie eating contest? Or be better at running a lemonade stand? How about a high dive?

As the competition becomes more and more silly, I like this book even more. The funny little comments the two make in each situation just top this book off for me.

Bart and I read this one together, many months ago, and both got a huge kick out of it. I loved getting it from the library again and watching Ella enjoy it too.

Check this one out; it is definitely a book with mega-kid appeal.


  1. Oh good another train book! I was beginning to think we'd checked out all of our library's train books.

  2. Love both of these. Winners.

  3. We have Chicken Big currently checked out, and it is a huge hit here.


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