July 6, 2012

17 and 18 Weeks

Plugging right along with this baby-growing business.

I've graduated to not having to take a nap every single afternoon the moment Ella goes down for a nap, which is delightful (and also means I sometimes can manage to do all the laundry in a single day).

And also, this little baby has started making his or her presence known with the occasional kick. Which I much prefer as a "hey, Mom, I'm in here!" notice than the crushing nausea and fatigue of the first trimester. 


By the way, the Disney Baby Blog is now up and running. I've written a couple of posts over there if you care to check them out:
 AND! Last day to leave a suggestion for Tell Me What to Read. You know you want to (you do want to, right?)


  1. Is that grey dress your shabby apple consolation prize? I am loving how it looks with the bump.

    PS - you look fabulous!

    1. Thank you! This grey dress is from Downeast last summer. I looooove it.

  2. Your wedges are awesome! How darling are you? I'm so sad we couldn't meet back in March. I hope to visit TX again and maybe this time see you with TWO babies :) I'll be sure to check out your Disney Baby posts. Proud of you!

  3. Will you be posting a link on this blog when your Disney baby posts go up? As a non-mom I'm not likely to subscribe to their feed, but as an Everyday Reading lover I'd like to read yours.

  4. I love LOVE that your week 17 dress. Where did you get it because I want one.

    Oh yeah, and you are cute and stuff. Thank goodness the barfy stage is passing. I was still really sick through week 19 and I stayed a little sick the whole time. Eh, I didn't mind. He was worth it. I hope you continue to feel better.

    But seriously, how cute is that dress?


  5. You look lovely, as always! Is this pregnancy any different from your first?

  6. I love both of your dresses! Enjoy wearing dresses before nursing severely limits your wardrobe :)

  7. Ahem. I need to know where you got those floral wedges. And if you say "10 years ago" I will die a little inside. No pressure.

  8. Love both outfits... Pretty mama! Glad to hear the heinous nausea is wearing off :)

  9. you look great! will you find out the gender ahead of time? I can't remember if you did with E...

  10. How great do you look?! Such a pretty mama.

  11. You're pregnant!! how did I miss that? Oh yeah, I've been in a fog for the past month or two :) Congrats! Enjoy those naps. They're GOLD.


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