May 4, 2012


Today is a special day. It's Bart's birthday and thus, our day will revolve around food celebrating.

Plans include:
  • Waffles with lemon curd for breakfast
  • The day off from work
  • Lunch at Schlotzky's and Firehouse and Sonic (hello, free birthday food)
  • Some time at the splash pad
  • Afternoon naps for all
  • Dinner with Landen and Adam and some other friends at Fuddruckers
  • Tickets (and Junior Mints) to see The Avengers (holy smokes, have you seen the reviews on this? Everyone is loving it). 
  • Brownies with mint ice cream and hot fudge on Sunday night with friends
  • Boating tomorrow
How can you not love a birthday? And how can you not love this guy? Happy birthday!

Flying a kite with Ella a few weeks ago


  1. love lemon curd. never tried it on waffles though.

    birthdays are the BEST!

  2. Brownies WITH mint ice cream AND hot fudge ANNNNNND BOATING!! *sigh*

  3. Oh and Happy Birthday Bart, of course ;)

  4. Sounds fun! I'm all about food too! Remind me how you get the birthday coupons.....

  5. Happy Birthday, Bart!

    Yeah, I am definitely not a superheroes kind of girl, but my Facebook basically EXPLODED with people who were drunk on Avengers and swore it was the greatest film ever made. So... I might have to see it.

    Have a great time celebrating!

  6. Today is my husband's birthday too! He's traveling for work :( but he got a bag of homemade mini lemon meringue pies to take along!

  7. I know I love Bart!! So count me in with all the birthday wishes!

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend of celebrating! Happy Birthday, Bart!

  9. Happy Birthday Bart - enjoy all the freebies and the movie! I can't wait to see it!

  10. FUN!! I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate with you guys! Happy Birthday Bart!!

  11. janssen-- after searching in your goodreads for maybe an hour not being able to find it, I'll just ask: a year ago or so you reviewed a picture book that had dots that "changed" when you did what the page said. Do you know the book I'm referring to? thanks! p.s. i've been making some of your vegetarian recipes. yum!


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