March 30, 2012

It Doesn't Take Much

 . . . to make me happy.

Just a little herb-garden-helper wearing shoes that squeak when she walks (or, as she would say, "queek, queek").


It doesn't take much to make Lisa happy.

 Just the first time my son sat an read a book silently to himself. He has been reading for a while but this was the first time he seemed to be doing it for pleasure. He is almost 7.


It doesn't take much to make Sherry happy.

"Just my pajama-clad baby endlessly staring out the window."


  1. precious! she's quite the fashionista with her stripes and polka dots! :)

  2. Her shoes make me happy too!

  3. Very cute! I have loved these blog posts of yours and it's caused me to notice more of the simple moments each day that bring me such joy! I didn't know how to send you a photo and text but I finally posted one on my blog. Thank you!


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