March 9, 2012

It Doesn't Take Much

 . . . to make me happy.

Just a new, mindblowingly cool park near our home.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By the way, I've loved doing this weekly "Doesn't Take Much" series and I'd be delighted if you'd share some of the little things that make you happy. Email me a photo (doesn't have to be good - the one above is just taken with my phone) and some brief text and a link to your blog, if you'd like, and I'll feature them here over the next few Fridays.


  1. That DOES look like a fun park! But I think I'm even more jealous of the fact that Ella is in short sleeves.

  2. Love this. What a great photo!

  3. I was just thinking that it would be fun to start doing something like this! I'll email you one after the weekend.

  4. Must come visit so we can go to that park!

  5. I don't have kids and I'm WAY too old to be hanging out at parks but they sure are making some cool ones nowadays! Thank goodness I have nieces and nephews to use as an excuse.

  6. First off, this picture is awesome! And I too would be equally happy for an awesome park nearby my place!

    Second, I love that you want other people to share with you! I will have to keep that in mind the next time I take a pic of what makes me happy!

    Third, I thought I would break my laziness habit to leave you a comment, since you went out of your way to leave me such a nice one... it is the least I can do!


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