March 7, 2012

Current Closet Favorites

Shirt: Borrowed from Landen, Sweater: Swapped
Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Kohls

This is pretty much a combination of my most beloved clothing items lately.  Don't you love the day after laundry day when ALL of your clothing items are available for wearing?

I mean, you already know I love these shoes (I had no idea that this would be the best $14 I've spent all year on clothing). I figured since they were cheap, it didn't matter if I only wore them very occasionally. Now I'm thinking I should have bought two pairs.

I got this sweater at a clothing swap and I now wear it pretty much as often as I think I can get away with it. It's the item that I'm most frequently digging out of the hamper. (You all do that too, right?).

And these pants are very cheap and very versatile. I'll probably wear them completely out by the end of the summer and that's a-ok with me. 

Also, this shirt is proof, once again, that anything cute I wear was either purchased for me by someone else or doesn't actually belong to me.

And yes, the straight hair. Merrick kindly sent me her old flat iron and I'm completely in love (I'll admit here that the first time I used it, I thought "what a piece of worthless junk" and then I realized I hadn't actually turned it on, only plugged it in. It boggles my mind that any university saw fit to grant me a master's degree).

I'm linking up today with BlogHer's Life Well Lived series and sweepstakes, and my outfit might not include the trends that are on the runway (their post about spring trends included peplums which still make me want to throw up a little), but hey, I feel happy to be wearing leopard print shoes.

Please tell me leopard print is still in. . .


  1. I'm a huge fan of that mustardy yellow color- it just feels like springtime.

    And if leopard print is out, I don't want to be in.

  2. Are those pants not so awesome? I mean, for $10, I feel like I should maybe go buy 5 more pairs. Also, I wear almost the exact bottom half of this outfit approximately once a week.

  3. I agree that peplums are a bit jarring the first time I saw they were in, but as a wide-hipped girl, I always embrace trends that hide those babies.

  4. leopard print will always be in! still wearing my leopard flats from 3 years ago... it's a neutral! and I'm pretty sure I have every color of those f21 jeans- you just can't beat $10 and the perfect tightness/length!

  5. Oh, glad the flat iron arrived -- was going to text you and tell you it was on its way, and then, um, I didn't.

    But the straight hair looks fantastic. And I laughed out loud about the "not turning it on" fiasco. Awesome.

  6. You are young, thin, and cute - you can get away with most anything. As to not turning on the flat iron, that is a sure sign of old age setting in. Now, teasing aside, I like your outfit. (My favorite clothes were the ones my mother bought me, and now are the ones that someone else bought and shrunk and then couldn't wear any more.)

  7. I pretty much got the same $14 shoes from Target and love pairing them with almost everything possible!!!

  8. Ah, but you're "dumb" moment at least makes for a good laugh. ;) I think leopard print will ALWAYS be in!

  9. Can I borrow that shirt from Landen too???

  10. How nice to have a sister to borrow clothes from! I definitely dig out of the hamper.

  11. I think that's the worst part about my current situation (working in Germany, going back to Holland each weekend to visit B.): I get all excited about a particular outfit I've dreamt up either in the shower or in bed, and then: disappointment, the particular top/skirt/shoes I need to bring it together in apparently in my other closet. I dream of owning everything in pairs. Of just twice as many clothes, I'd settle for that too.

  12. I love those shoes! I'll have to check my local Kohl's for them. It's time I updated my wardrobe for sure.


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