February 3, 2012

It Doesn't Take Much

. . . to make me happy.

Just successfully using an enormous bowl of collard greens from the CSA (and then actually finishing the meal I made with them).


  1. I try - I swear! - to be open minded about food. But collard greens are just one of those things I do not like. Glad you found a recipe that you found tasty!

  2. Look at you eatin' greens! And... you know how to cut them correctly :) I have a few good recipes for them if you'd like me to pass em' along. They are a huge staple in my house. People used to look at me funny when I brought greens in my lunch to school. They are wonderful!

  3. I love collard greens. It breaks my heart that I can't get them easily here. So I stick with its relatives, like kale, a Dutch staple during the winter months.

  4. I followed the link and got pasta, no greens that I could see. Am I doing something wrong? I would love to find a good way to use collard greens.

  5. Yum! That recipe sounds fantastic. I love trying to get greens (spinach, kale, etc.) into our meals. Nice idea!

  6. Those CSA greens look delicious and remind me that Spring is just around the corner even if the wind is whipping fiercely out my window.


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