January 31, 2012

Winter Challenge: Bright Colors

My hair is eating my head in this picture.

Also, this was a day for closet orphans - the shirt is one Ralphie gave me ages ago and I've never worn, this necklace I bought at Claire's YEARS ago for fifty cents and have worn all of twice, and this sweater I bought a few months ago and have struggled to make work (from the photos on the website, I was sure I was ordering a YELLOW sweater. Clearly, it wasn't yellow).

But, surprisingly, I'm pretty happy with this outfit. Maybe some orphans deserve to be adopted.

Shirt: Gap (from Ralphie), Sweater: Downeast Basics,
Jeans: American Eagle, Necklace: Claire's, Shoes: Target
(sometimes you can find a current Target promotional code for shoes)

I'm participating in Kayla's Winter Challenge. Check it out on her blog:


  1. Love that pop of pink! You look gorgeous.

  2. Well, I like the sweater even if it isn't yellow. I like the shoes too. This might have been a good challenge for me too. I have a horrible habit of only wearing blacks and grays I feel so weird in bright colors.

  3. I absolutely love your head-eating hair, and I am so glad you took those tops out of orphanage. You know how much I love pink and it looks SO good on you. (I am once again 2 days late with the challenge, oy!)

  4. That top looks really cute on you!

  5. You look great in bright colors! And no, clearly that sweater is not yellow. But cute nonetheless.

  6. you look so good. i love it.


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