January 18, 2012

Three Things I Wore Last Week

Three guesses which of these pictures I took on a really rainy, overcast day with absolutely no good lighting at all?

P.S. Left to Right:
1) Shirt: Old Navy, Sweater: Anthropologie (borrowed from Landen), Cords: Kohl's (altered), Shoes: Fossil 
2) Dress: H&M, Sweater: H&M, Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: hand-me-down from my mom
3) Tank: Old Navy, Sweater: Boden (borrowed from Landen), Jeans: Target, Shoes: Fossil, Earrings: Claire's


  1. I love the sweater over the stripes, with the stripes still coming through at the sleeves. Super cute.

  2. My favorite is the dress -- the pink belt is perfect!

  3. I love that first outfit! How cute are you in red?! :)

  4. Those cardigans! I love the red. And that belt-- I really like the fancy knot you have going on, as well as the pop of pink.

  5. I love the turqoise with the navy stripes! Looks fantastic!

    North Meets South

  6. Blahm girl. I love them all. I've always loved your style. We need another shopping trip together!

  7. You look so cute in all these photos! And I love the stripey shirt with the sweater over it!!

  8. I'm going to guess the bad lighting day was the middle picture??? But that was my favorite. ;)


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