January 13, 2012

It Doesn't Take Much

. . . to make me happy.

Just a little handmade hat Ella got for Christmas. Thanks, Doug & Gina!


  1. Her face is SO CUTE! Just look at those little eyes, the curls peaking out and that darling mouth!?! Oh my goodness I say you blow this up and print it photo canvas style :)

  2. Oh my goodness. That is just too adorable. I love that hat.

  3. Seriously, how cute IS she??

    (Also, how do you manage to keep a hat on her head? Tell me your secrets!)

    lace, etc.

  4. She is beautiful, Janssen! The hat perfectly frames her beauty.

  5. I love little kids in hats but evey time you post pictures of Ella and you I always just shake my head in disbelief that you're not in magazines!

  6. Oh my cute. Have you seen those "kitten" websites with pictures of kittens to make people happy? Well, there should be an Ella website. I feel cheered up just looking at that darling!!

  7. oh my gosh she is GORGEOUS! What a sweetheart

  8. beautiful hat, beautiful color, beautiful craftsmanship, beautiful girl.


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