January 3, 2012

A Few Things

  • Isn't it fantastic to get home after vacation? Ella fell asleep on the way home from the airport and I tried to put her in her crib to continue the nap, but she was SO excited to see all her own things that she wouldn't settle back down. Little girl, I feel the same way. Especially about my own soft bed and perfect pillow (you know, the expensive one from Target (and by expensive, I mean $4)). 
  • Also, I love not living out of a suitcase. 
  • My child makes a very cute lamb. I'll probably stuff her into this costume every Christmas until she's ten. Poor kid. 
  • Right before we left on vacation, Ella snapped the arm of my glasses off. Blah. After I was done being peeved, I ordered a new pair online for all of $10. I love the internet. (This is the pair I got). They arrived while we were gone, and I'm loving them. Bart loves them too, which, frankly, surprised me. 
  • At Bart's office Christmas party, we won a Kindle. (It turns out, he'd ordered me one for Christmas, so we had to return that one). I've been really liking it so far. Having it before we left was ideal, since I only had to take a single book with me and I could keep getting new ones from the library while we were gone.  
  • I have not gone grocery shopping since we returned. We have eaten a lot of pancakes since we got home.
  • And, over the weekend, Kayla revamped my blog, including a new header and a much cleaner, more stream-lined look. And finally an About Me page that isn't the length of a short novel. I am so in love with it - I keep having to go look at it again. I've probably single-handedly doubled my traffic over the weekend. How pathetic. 


  1. Love the new blog layout! And yes, she might be the cutest little lamb I've ever seen.

  2. Janssen I LOVE your hair. I love how long it is and your bangs look amazing. You are beautiful.

    ps your Christmas card was returned, I must have the wrong address, could you email that to me again. Thanks! I loved yours. And your parent's was GORGEOUS. Those wedding pictures belong in magazines.

  3. Again, love the layout. And the "about" page. And you. And everything.


  4. You look great, your blog looks great, and Ella is SO adorable as that little lamb! Happy New Year to you!

  5. I love the new blog look! It's cute and fun :)

  6. I like the new look! I have one of those outrageously expensive pillows from Target too. I don't know what I'd do with out it. ;)

  7. Oooh a Kindle! Not sure if you've posted about it before, but I would love to read your thoughts on digital vs. physical books. For some reason, I thought that you would be very Pro Book. Not necessarily ANTI Kindle, but I was a little surprised to read that a) Bart got you one as a gift and b) you like it!

    What funny beliefs we build up about a person, just by seeing a small slice of her personality via her blog!

  8. Your blog looks fantastic! is there nothing Kayla can't do? I had a feeling you might be getting a kindle for Christmas - glad you're enjoying it so far!

  9. I just got new glasses too! (First ones since before I got married. Apparently I get them promptly every 10 years.) Yours look like they'll be very cute! And so cheap! I admit I am envious of people who are not so blind that they have to pay for the thinnest lens possible to avoid the coke bottle effect. If I don't get the very thin ones, they won't fit in the frames :( Thick lenses are so much cheaper!!! And I know I already said it, but the new blog layout really is great!

  10. I love the new layout AND your hair, and I see that I'm not the first one who decided your bangs needed to be commented upon - but seriously, I am coveting them.

  11. I love the new look! I think I'm being converted to the idea of a Kindle...although I don't know that my library offers enough e-books to make it worth my while quite yet.

  12. We just got home from our travels too, and so I completely (and concurrently) appreciate your sentiments in that regard...although I'm finding unpacking with two significantly slower than it was with one. (I can almost hear the >3s laughing from here)

    Your new look is clean and cute -- apt.

    Your final point is deliciously funny. MWA!


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