November 25, 2011


Yesterday, after I finished my dinner, eaten around a table full of dear friends, I wandered into the room where the kid tables were set up for Thanksgiving and found Ella, perched on a chair, devouring some other child's leftovers.

When dinner was over for everyone, we went upstairs and played some games (Bart and I won a couple of gift cards, a coloring book with crayons for Ella, and a triple pack of gum) and then had a talent show. Bart played the guitar and sang a funny little song he'd written from the point of view of a turkey and I read aloud Duck! Rabbit!

We came home and put a very tired child to bed and, after an hour or so of visiting with our downstairs neighbors, finally watched the first episode of Downton Abbey (I am grateful for a husband who doesn't just tolerate but actually enjoys BBC and Masterpiece Classic shows).

My life is quiet, but, oh, it is happy. 


  1. oh Ella is a riot and a smart girl! Masterpiece Theater is fantastic. Have you ever watched Berkeley Square? It's a mini series about nannies and their chargers. I was addicted to it!

  2. Are you ready to hate J.? He's seen the next series of Downton already.

  3. Sounds wonderful! Nice job winning the gift cards :) I just watched the first few episodes of Downton Abbey with my mom last month :)

  4. perfect.
    Happy Holiday kick-off!

  5. This post is missing just one thing. Your Thanksgiving menu! Did you use any recipes that are worth sharing? I am so glad you had a nice holiday!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful day!

  7. I LOVE that show! Also, Happy Thanksgiving!


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