August 22, 2011

More than You Wanted to Know about My Clothing

So, Kayla has put together this 21 Day Challenge thing where every day for three weeks, she gives some sort of fashion prompt. And then you can take a picture of your outfit, blog about it or link to it on Flickr or what have you.

It's been fun to see what other people are doing with the prompts

And because I love Kayla so much, I am participating. In fact, it should be clear how much I love her because I am participating even though Shabby Apple is one of the sponsors. And. . . you might know that I don't really care for Shabby Apple (oh, you did know? I've mentioned it once or twice?).

Anyway, I won't bore you with all the details, but here's what I wore last week, along with the daily prompt:

Monday: Pick an item to remix 3 times over the next 3 weeks (that shirt)
Tuesday: Tuck it in
Wednesday: Mix patterns
Thursday: Color block
Friday: Belt it
Saturday: Get creative (wear something in an unexpected way) (I'm wearing a necklace as a headband, but you absolutely can't see it in that picture. Too bad)

Anyway, it's been good times and it'd be better times if I could figure out why the remote for my camera has suddenly ceased working.


  1. You look like you're completely bored by color blocking. I missed belt it, because we were on the road and who wants a belt on a long car ride?

    Also, why did I cut my hair again? Yours is so pretty.

  2. You are so adorable. I love all those striped tops :)

    Of course Shabby Apple is a sponsor ;p Good thing you had your say, huh?

    I follow a few other blogs who are doing this and it's fun to watch. I got rid of 1/2 my clothes and almost have nothing to wear so this challenge would of pulled a fast one on me!

  3. I LOVE your outfits, you look darling.

    So where do you get a remote for a camera? Do you have to have an SLR? And do you have a stand for your camera?

  4. Wow Janssen, you're kind of rocking it! You really look good! I've definitely thought about participating, but haven't yet... you should post your weekly outfits like this through the challenge!

  5. I want to steal your wardrobe. Where do you find such cute clothes?

  6. I would be so lousy at this. SO LOUSY. First of all, the thought of mixing patterns makes my hyperventilate. Second, I don't even have enough patterned things to really attempt to do it. It would be a disaster.

    Also, I pretty much hate any fashionable thing involving belts.

  7. You are so pretty and you have the BEST style!

  8. Yes, agree with Life of a Doctor's Wife. You also don't look even remotely Mom-ish. WHERE are your wrinkly yoga pants?

  9. You look great - I am super impressed by your outfits!

  10. You look fantastic! Ever since I saw Nemesis' first post on the subject, I've been watching her blog everyday and checking out the photos on Flickr. It is so fun to see the different combinations and get some inspiration. If I would have been more with it and on time, I probably would have participated too (although who knows if I'd be any good at it)!

    I love your outfit choices and you look amazing!

  11. So, followed to the Flicker page where people post there 21 day challenge pictures- Oh my goodness. Maybe my eyes just went to you and Merrick because I know you...or because you two are the prettiest...or because you had the best style. I believe all are correct :) I was actually suprised how many people did not have style (just because you are being creative does not mean it is a good idea people! no you. other people.)- this is one of those times when I should prove to the world that I have style (which I never said) but because I am a poor college student, well married to one, it disqualifies me from having cute clothes. for now.

  12. Shut up are one of the cutest people (with the cutest clothes) I have ever come across. And I see it is in the genes. Janssen you are fab!

  13. You are so lovely! Your pattern mix is awesome, and my favorite is day 2- your tuck in. I can't wait to see your outfits for this week!

  14. HAH HAH!!! Shabby Clothes-Maker!!!! Also, if I looked as dang cute as you I would blog what I wore without a prompt! ;)

  15. You pose as well as any model! Great pictures and darling outfits.

  16. you look SO cute! I've basically depleted half of my wardrobe to get rid of the guilt I had every time I looked at all the clothes I was never going to wear because they were blech- if I could just afford to replace them all...*sigh*

  17. I want to go shopping with you one day. Im going to echo everyone-- you look fabulous! Fun challenge


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