June 20, 2011


(I know. . .what business do I have putting up a post called "Thursdays" when it is so obviously Monday?)

This year, with Bart's job a little more relaxed during the summer months and only one small child, we are determined to live it up this summer. BBQs, mini-road trips, swimming, going out to eat, vacation, etc.

One of the things we've done the last couple weeks are Thursday date nights.

It started by accident because I had bought one of those Living Social deals for movie tickets and it was about to expire. It was expiring on a Monday and Fandango only had tickets available through Thursday so. . .we had to go to a movie on Thursday.

Happily, some of our close friends live in our same apartment complex and the wife was working out of town that week. So we invited the husband over for dinner, put Ella to bed before we left, and he stayed at our place, watching a movie and eating cookies.

Meanwhile, we gallivanted off. Besides the movie tickets, we also had a $10 gift certificate to Baskin Robbins (which I'd gotten for free through Morgan's Deals, thanks to a bunch of coupon codes that they kept sending out).

Since we forfeited any of the $10 we didn't spend, I got a triple scoop. And. .. these were not small scoops; each one was about the size of a tennis ball. Bart was extremely impressed by the way I managed to put away the entire thing. I may look like a light-weight, but 3+ years of working at Cold Stone in high school has given me mega ice-cream-eating muscles.

And then it was off to see X-Men. Even though it was just recently out, thanks to a Thursday night showing, we arrived a few minutes late and had no trouble finding a seat (don't you love that when you arrive "late" to a movie, you still watch 12 minutes worth of previews?).

It was such a delightful evening that the next Thursday Bart came home for lunch and said, "So. . . what are we seeing tonight?" We invited ANOTHER couple who lives in our apartment complex to dinner, put the baby to bed, and then sped off to the dollar theater to see Source Code (with a quick stop at Sonic for a large hot fudge and banana milkshake to share).

It's such a nice way to kick off the weekend and with so many theaters near us, we don't end up being gone WAY too late.

When Landen and Adam move here later this summer, we may well end up inviting them over for dinner every Thursday night and then, when they aren't paying attention, dashing out the door, leaving them here with Ella.

I wonder how many weeks it will take them to catch on. . .


  1. Looks like you guys have got yourself a great system!

    Thursdays have long been my favorite day of the week. It started in elementary school; I'm not sure how or why, but I do remember once saying that my favorite day was Thursday. Even now Thursdays are usually my favorite day of the week because it's the only evening that remains commitment-free.

  2. Lovely! It's great that Bart's job allows some more time for you to hang out together. JG and I are going through a phase of passing like ships in the night.

  3. The great thing about doing this is that you can trade off once in a while and nobody will have to pay for a babysitter.

  4. Sounds like the perfect plan for some lovely summer date nites!

    Also, I would highly recommend you see "Super 8" this summer - it was absolutely breathtaking.

  5. Love it - such a nice way to spend some alone time with your sweetheart!

  6. I love it.

    Do you like the living social deals? I keep hearing them on pandora and cannot decide if they are worth it or not. I'm consulting you, the budgeting queen on this one!

    Thursdays are great nights to go out because it's easier and less crowded. What a smart idea!

    Also, in MN Thursdays are kind of like Fridays because many companies here have "summer hours." Summer hours are basically longer days M-Th and then half a day Fridays or completely off. Blame it on cabins and freezing winters :)

  7. Mik-week date nights are the best because a lot of things are less crowded.

  8. I am way ahead of the game... I just read your post! Hah!:)

  9. Brilliant plan! My little brother is coming back to BYU in the fall (post-mission). I think I will have to trick him into Thursday date night babysitting as well.

  10. how perfectly lovely! I love mid-week date nights, they seem like such an unexpected treat!


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