May 26, 2011

Gone Away

Ralphie is watching my baby while I'm in New York.

You don't ask just anyone to watch your precious only child. But Ralphie? You would let her watch your baby.

And what's more, Ralphie will make you feel like you're doing her a favor by letting you leave your child with her for three days straight.

We've been friends with Ralphie's little family for nearly five years now. We've celebrated Thanksgivings, birthdays, Easters, Mother's and Father's Days, and scores of average days together. It is probably impossible to calculate the enormous number of calories we've consumed together. We run together a couple of nights a week. She tells me what movies I need to watch.

Last year, when we were expecting Ella, I wanted to tell some friends personally before they read it on my blog. But I procrastinated and then Ralphie had her baby. So I instant messaged her while she was still in the hospital and she was as excited for us as I could have hoped.

And then, ten minutes later, my phone rang. She was so happy about our news that, despite having her own less-than-24-hour-old baby, she called and talked to me for nearly an hour, wanting to hear all about our not-yet-born baby. If that's not a friend, I don't know what is.

Oh, how I love Ralphie. I am lucky to have a friend like her.


  1. I love this post, I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like Ralphie.


  2. Awww! Ralphie sounds like a wonderful friend.

  3. You are a lucky puppy! Have fun in NY. Give my best to Ralphie and have her send me some movie suggestions!

  4. Yea for good friends. In my experience, friends like these are hard to come by.

    Have SO MUCH FUN in NY!

  5. You are indeed so very lucky to have a Ralphie. She's a keeper.


  6. You are lucky to have a good friend like Ralphie! And she to have a good one like you. It kind of breaks my heart that I've only talked to her in person approximately one time since we moved. Maybe I need to have another baby... ha ha.

  7. She sounds like a great friend!! you are very lucky to have a friend like her. Especially someone you can trust your baby with!!!

  8. When I picked Ella up today, she was happy to see me, but then she turned back and wanted to be held by Ralphie again. And again. She couldn't decide whether to come with me or stay with her Ralphie.

  9. Oh Janssen. You have made me cry.

    I have been so blessed to be your friend. You inspire me to do so many good things. One of which is to have gratitude for all of the wonderful parts that make up a person, and then show it! You are first to compliment, shower praise and look on the bright side (as evident through this post). I love love you for that.

    And oh, how I love your baby. She has captured my heart and I am a very willing prisoner.

  10. Friends like that are wonderful.

  11. Not many people are luck enough to have friends like Ralphie. Hope you are having a great time.

  12. Have so much fun! And you're very brave-I admire that. I have no idea how I'll ever be able to leave Lucy for three whole days. I know I WILL, I'm just not there yet. I'm a wuss like that.


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